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2024-03-02 Waymo Is Way Ahead Of Tesla FSD – Reader Comment

Somewhat harsh words from a reader about Tesla’s FSD – Full Self-driving.  Yes, Waymo (from Google) may be ahead, and that’s good.  Commenter says Waymo uses AI and LLM too.  We need competition in the ASD – autonomous self-driving field.  Tesla Is Way Behind Waymo — Reader Comment

2024-01-22 Reports Say Tesla EVs Are Fully Autonomous With New Change [In FSD 12.1.2]

This seems to be about FSD – full self driving. Electric Viking YouTube video 7 mins long. Sam Evans says that Tesla has replaced 300,000 lines of C++ code with a neural network. It’s version 12.1.2. There are a lot of rave reviews by users. Much better than before. If the reports are true, it

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2023-12-24 Electric Viking Tells Us About Tony Seba, RethinkX

Sam Electric Viking tells about Tony Seba and his predictions. A lot of changes are going to happen by 2030.

2023-12-07 Laser Weed Killer, Scarecrow, Bug Killer

These autonomous laser devices can be working in the fields around the clock. They could severely reduce the need for herbicides (weed killer chemicals), and insecticides which are also harmful to good insects and other animals and pollute the environment. It’s highly unlikely that a weed will become resistant to a Laser! They can be

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2023-11-19 Autonomous Vehicles And The Future

Here’s what will very likely happen, not if, but when – it’s just a matter of time. Seventy percent of the vehicles that are on the roads will no longer be needed. That’s a conservative estimate. If you had a choice between driving your own vehicle and parking it 95% of the time, sitting, not

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2023-11-12 Tesla To Integrate New Grok AI Assistant In Its EVs, according to the CEO.

“”Tesla is going to integrate Elon Musk’s newly launched Grok AI assistant in its electric vehicles, according to the CEO.”” We could surmise that Tesla would have to keep up with the Alexas and Siris, and come out with their own version of a voice response system. This will help remove the distraction of fiddling

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2023-10-03 Perseverance Mars Rover Hi Res Image

Mars 2020 Rover AKA Perseverance in High Resolution and detailed. Full Resolution link ( No Facebook Compress ) below Excellent closeup image. It looks like 10 or mor kg of Kapton tape wrapped around the cables. But the worker is putting in red and blue cables that are not covered in Kapton. So it

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2023-09-23 Tesla Dojo Explained, BMW Partners With AWS

This article starts out briefly explaining Tesla’s Project Dojo. Lots of skepticism, I see here. I think some of these skeptics should just hold their tongues and wait and see what happens. It may take longer than what they think it’s going to take, but eventually they will get to level four, maybe level five

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2023-09-15 Weed Zapping Autonomous Robot Vehicles

No more herbicides – weed killing chemicals!

2022-06-30 We Have To Switch To Electric Cars

We have to switch to electric cars. Can the grid handle it? From a video on Engineering Explained channel. EVs – electric vehicles – get about 100 miles per gallon equivalent. One gallon of gasoline is equivalent to 33.7 kWh. We do some math and come up with about 1 trillion kWh used by

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