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2022-03-29 Very Strange Dream: Classroom Drama

I had this very strange dream. I was sitting in the classroom, writing the answers to a test. The guy next to me put out his arm like he was stretching, and completely blocked my face. I pushed his arm out of the way and gave him a frown, and continued writing. I’m thinking why

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2021-08-20 Queen Of The Night Went Crazy Last Night

My beautiful Queen of the Night went crazy again last night. Tue night / Wednesday morning she went crazy with 5 flowers, one you can see shriveled and sagging in this photo — that’s the one in the second photo. About 10 to 12 bloomed in the last few days.

2021-06-08 Rose In Memory Of Sister JoRene

Two weeks ago I planted this red “Mr. Lincoln rose tree in memory of my sister, JoRene. She would have been 73 on July 25. 😢


2021-04-08 Racial Hatred At My Local Park

This is not nice. Another bad person. I walk over to Grijalva Park and use the track around the soccer field.

2021-04-08 My Stray Dog Story

FB comment My neighbors put leftovers and table scraps in a dog dish on the back porch for their pooch. Times were tough in the ’70s and the neighborhood had houses boarded up because the buyers defaulted on their loans and were evicted or skipped town. But they just left their pets with the house.

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2021-03-23 Dirty Dave’s Fish Aquarium

I just saw on FB an empty box on store shelf labeled invisible tape. No wonder the box looks empty! 🙄😂 This reminded me of Dirty Dave – he was a painter so he picked up that name because his clothes were speckled with paint. One day at his apartment he said here, have a

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2021-02-16 Trump’s Immigration Zero Tolerance Policy Separating Families

FB is full of Trump apologists trying to claim that he was no worse than Obama or Bush. From FB comment Greg Swan Said, “Obama separated plenty of families at the border…” You asserted plenty of families. Not what the link said. No where near the amounts of the zero tolerance Trump administration. I’m sick

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2021-01-15 Should Twitter, etc. Continue To Restrict Trump?

The PBS Newshour is taking a poll of whether or not social media should restrict Trump after he’s no longer president. With 34 thousand votes the opinion poll is almost 2 to 1 to restrict. Trump said he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Ave. and get away with it. After the Capitol

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2020-11-04 The Life And Death Of A Rose Bush

It’s the morning after the elections and there are still a lot of races too close to call. Newsmedia are milking the event for as much as they can, but you can’t hurry up the system. Remember that the real (electoral) votes don’t come until December. Years ago I watched an episode on PBS about

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2020-08-28 Nikola Tour; Trevor Milton

This is a long 1h 18min very informative YouTube video all about Nikola (NKLA) and a tour with its chairman, Trevor Milton. When you see their prototyping shop you will see that he’s serious and very passionate about his products. He’s very knowledgeable about his products; he’s a very hands-on person. Trevor said that they

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