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2019-06-19 Vista Panorama and Santa Ana College

from FB group You… Orange June 19 Kimmie Sue I worked for a decade for a family that lived up on Vista Panorama (they moved there summer of ’64), and I lived up there for 6 months. I took photos of that area, and I climbed up the antenna pole at the top of the

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2019-06-03 Biomass? Be Concerned About Other More Important Things!

From YouTube video Denmark is Riding the Winds of Change, June 5 It amuses me how these dilettantes (with 1st names starting with K) argue about the pros and cons of bullshit (biomass) while the world is going to hell! 😡😡😣😣😲 Why are you concerned about trivialities when we should be concerned about the future?

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2019-06-01 Elevator Telephones Were Scary

from FB group Bell Telephone of.. June 3 If the elevator phone wasn’t working, I had to hustle over and find out why. If the phone was not working, the security was supposed to tag it as out of service. That was definitely my scariest job. Most of the time the POTS line came into

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2019-05-08 Dad’s Barber Shop In Stock Yards In Vernon, CA

Most of this was in FB group Compton 50s 60s My dad’s barber shop was in the old Stock Yards in Vernon. He used to take me there on Saturdays and we’d drive by the murals of Farmer John and his livestock on the walls along Bandini Blvd, IIRC. I used to climb on the

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2019-04-02 History: Part Of City Of Orange Evacuated

From FB group Orange Talk April 3 That huge tank has got what looks like a refrigeration unit on its end. There are some chemical plants that use those for storing chemicals that are very dangerous. Decades ago we had a bad windstorm and the power went out in the industrial area where the railroad

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From FB group transistor radios Mar 29 Lin Holcomb One never knows what secrets the US government has hidden. They could have some other plans for using the WWV stations. Decades ago I worked for a radio engineer, and we had a frequency counter traceable to NBS (now NIST). He noticed that the frequency of

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2019-03-14 Pi Day!

3.14 is Pi day.

2019-02-04 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants

In the years since 2011 Mar 11, I have blogged a few times about Fukushima Daiichi, but it’s been quite awhile. This ABC Nightline video on YouTube seems to be realistic and relatively unbiased. At the end of this video they mentioned $15 Billion and forty years to do the cleanup. It looks like they

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from FB group Orange Talk 2019-02-05 Bora Han Proko Many years ago, a Japanese organization bought or was supposed to buy the land on the corner of Main Street and Memory lane where Polly’s Pies used to be and where Mother’s Market is today. The economy went down and the big plans didn’t work out,

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2019-01-18 Tilt Wing Aircraft In The Future

From FB public comment The military had a lot of problems with their tilt wing aircraft similar to the one in the picture. The solutions often involved a lot of frequent maintenance and repair. It may not be possible to fly such aircraft profitably in a commercial airline. Another thing that’s going to change the

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