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2020-01-13 Slide Rule and Calculator Battery

From FB group Jan 19 Joe Haupt In the ’80s I occasionally did work in an electrical room on campus that had a 7 foot slide rule that had been removed from the classroom. It was there for years, but the fire inspectors would make us keep the junk from accumulating in closets, so it

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2020-01-11 Reinventing the Archer’s Bow – Amazing!

So why didn’t someone think of this long, long ago?  It has so many advantages.  It’s amazing!

2019-12-24 Sad, Sad, Sad

Merry Christmas… I switched website providers more than a year ago. This week the company suddenly went out of business and everything on my blog is gone.

2018-09-08 Skunk!

From FB comment to Kate Jesse’s skunk visiting her back yard, 2018-09-12 One time I was on guard duty at the Artillery Hq. in Minneapolis, standing in the 3′ by 3′ guard house at the front gate. I saw something crawling under the fence several yards away, and when I saw the white stripes, I

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2018-07-22 Newspaper Delivery

From FB group 50s-60s Compton John MacBride Yeah, people don’t realize that the newspapers worked 24 hours, and all the delivery took place at night and early morning. There were neighbors a few houses down that never seemed to have jobs, I think their last name was Humberger. I found out that the L.B. Press

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2018-06-23 Chapman Ave, Santiago Canyon College

From FB group Orange Talk regarding accidents at Chapman and Jamboree I stood on the balcony of the B bldg at Santiago Canyon College and watched the traffic going right through the middle of what is now D bldg, and saw bikers on their Harleys going 50 around the right hand turn lane from Chapman

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2018-05-31 Four Legged Homeless?

From FB Why? Last week, a lizard took refuge on my screen door. Now, I’m watching a silly pursuit on the 11 pm news, and I hear this noise on my screen door. I open the door and see one run away. But two more went into frozen fear mode and just stayed huddled in

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2018-05-12 No One Who Can Read . . .

Comment to Katie’s post No person who can read has enough time in their life to read all they want to read – to learn about things, to go on adventures to places far away and long ago, to explore the future. I’m grateful for the Lord of The Rings movies, but I found so

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2018-02-28 Pension Unfunded Liability Article

From From FB group Orange Talk Also see LA Times article This was from the .PDF document here “Here were the Grand Jury’s findings about how the entire county should deal with pension reform: RECOMMENDATIONS In accordance with California Penal Code §933 and §933.05, the 2015-2016 Grand Jury requires (or as noted, requests)

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2018-01-30 Elijah And His Unique Keyboard

At the college I worked at, they had a part-time internship program where students could get on the job experience for a semester.  One of our employees got her son a job as an intern in our department. His name was Elijah, but he didn’t like being called that, and went by “EJ”.  He was

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