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2019-06-30 Cellphones Will Take Over PCs

from FB group Bell Telephone of.. June 30 GeOrge Christensen There are only a few issues standing between the cellphones being equal to the PCs. If the touch keyboard was as comprehensive as a PC, that would help a lot. But the biggest obstacle is getting app developers to port apps to Android. Once cell

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2019-04-06 HP Transmission Test Set

from FB group Bell Telephone of… Apr 6 (I bought a transmission test set, TTS-4, photo at bottom.) Glenn Peters We had a HP 493something transmission test set for testing up to 56 kb/s lines. I remember seeing the symbols on the green screen, like a carriage return would look like a little ‘CR’. The

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2018-11-24 The Rise Of The PCs

from FB group Vintage Transistor Radios 2018-11-24 Early on, I built and upgraded many PCs when they became popular. Some for myself and friends, but most at work. Before that I was maintaining and repairing terminals and other equipment attached to mainframe computers. It started out small with TRS-80s and Apples but really took off

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2018-10-24 The AT&T L.D. Network Crashed 1990

The article about the system crash. As was stated in the article, C is not as structured as some other languages, which may allow the programmer to write code that has unintended consequences. Jay Neale said ‘C is very unforgiving.’ But C allows you to do things with the implication that you know what you’re

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2018-09-01 Stop Plagiarizing And Be Self-sufficient

From FB group Arduino projects, 2018-09-01 Attilio Volpe This group is moderated and if you cause problems, you can be banned. But on Usenet newsgroups, where all this ‘social media’ stuff started decades ago, the groups were not moderated. If you made a mistake, you had hundreds of replies telling you to Shut the F***

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2018-08-31 An Old Software Saying

From FB group Bell Telephone… 2018-08-31 Gary Stoutenburg I love that comparison. 👍 There’s an old IT adage: “The first 90% of the software takes 10% of the time. The last 10% of the software takes 90% of the time.” The user interface is a big time and money sink, so a lot of corner

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2018-06-20 Don’t Ask To Share Software!

From FB group Arduino Projects Marcos Tulio Junior I think it is unethical for others to expect the coder to reveal his IP (intellectual property). There is nothing wrong with asking the coder for a link to open source software. But you are out of line when you expect others to do for you what

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2018-05-10 Malicious Chrome Extensions Again

Ars Technica article

2018-01-30 Elijah And His Unique Keyboard

At the college I worked at, they had a part-time internship program where students could get on the job experience for a semester.  One of our employees got her son a job as an intern in our department. His name was Elijah, but he didn’t like being called that, and went by “EJ”.  He was

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2017-09-23 Cellphone Charger Secret Circuit

Posted to FB Arduino group Sep 23 Mbihi Oliver Four hours is twice as long as 2 hours with the correct charger.  Here is a secret many don’t know:  Smartphones don’t necessarily charge at maximum, especially if they’re charged by a charger not made for their phone. Smartphones often have a sensing circuit that checks

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