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2021-09-20 Chip Shortage And Auto Makers

Rob Maurer’s Tesla Daily episode About car makers in general, Rob said, “These companies want things to stay the same. They want to take the path of least resistance, and that is continuity. … Those results are visible now as these companies work through the chip shortage.” Tesla is faced with the same logistics

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2021-09-11 Climate Change Games

A way to introduce climate change to young folks.

2021-09-04 Tesla Chip Shortage Solutions

Tesla has developed a workaround for the microcontroller chip shortage. They developed 19 variations of controllers by changing the hardware and software. You can read the text of the video in the description.

2021-08-27 Photonic Computer Beats Moore’s Law

Interview with Lightmatter CEO. Light guides inside of the chips replace ‘wire’ conductors. Mostly for replacing GPUs in Neural Networks for AI.

2021-05-07 Tesla Full Self Driving Later

The AI or machine learning or whatever has to be trained and that’s based on accumulated miles / kilometers. If the training is in its early stages then it stands to reason that it’s capable of only lower level 2. I thought that’s what the Dojo project was supposed to do, but what has that

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2021-05-03 IBM Daisywheel Current Loop To IBM Serial Adapters

Bill Sherman What’s the current loop sender do? Convert RS-232 to current loop? I had to connect up the old IBM-XTs and ATs to the IBM daisywheel printers from Displaywriters. The XTs and ATs with ISA bus had a serial adapter card that supported current loop on the normally unused pins of the bottom row

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2021-04-01 RINs and NFTs

I was reading about RINs or Renewable Identification Numbers on Wikipedia here: And it said that since RINs can be bought and sold, there has been RIN fraud. Lately there has been talk of NFTs or non-fungible tokens in the newsmedia and I thought that since these have the ability to uniquely identify something,

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2020-12-23 Harald Bluetooth And Our Cellphones

Tom Scott tells us the story of the Danish king who united the Scandinavians. How the ‘personal area network’ ln our cellphones got the name Bluetooth. He shows us the ancient runestones, one by Harald Bluetooth.

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2020-09-05 Tesla Sensors&Self Driving; Truth About Nikola

This YouTube video is about self driving but it shows and tells how the sensors do their jobs. LIDAR is too expensive. **************************** This YouTube video is about Nikola and its business model and about costs of hydrogen vs. batteries. Good.

2020-08-04 Microsoft Data Center Runs On Hydrogen

Microsoft Data Center test runs on hydrogen for 48 hours. See? Hydrogen is going to be an important part of the future of renewables.

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