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2018-11-20 Solder V. IDC Punchdown

from FB group Bell Telephone… 2018-11-22 Happy Turkey day! I use solder all the time, and I trust it as long as it’s done properly. But one thing I learned in my decades of telephone work is that the wiring systems the telcos developed were tested and proven before they were deployed, and they were

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2018-10-24 The AT&T L.D. Network Crashed 1990

The article about the system crash. As was stated in the article, C is not as structured as some other languages, which may allow the programmer to write code that has unintended consequences. Jay Neale said ‘C is very unforgiving.’ But C allows you to do things with the implication that you know what you’re

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2018-06-22 Telco Craftspeople

From FB group Bell Telephone… As a customer and the point man who interfaced with the Telco, I have nothing but good to say about all the fine craftspeople I dealt with during my 33 years with the college district. I only wish I could have spoken as highly of other contractors I had to

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2018-06-22 RJ-31X, How To And How Not To!

From FB group Bell Telephone … I agree. The upside of splitting before is that it won’t interrupt the DSL. The downside is that if there is a failure (loss of continuity or blown fuse) in the splitter, the alarm may never make a call. Most of the alarm panels we had at the college

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2017-12-09 Datacomm Cabinet Falls Off The Wall

From FB Group Bell Telephone… Just like the ones we had, but complete.  Ours had areas where the contractors removed the mushroom panels to make room for the digital cabinets or open racks. We had a contractor install a cabinet with molly bolts into drywall.  It was like that for years with at least a

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2017-10-19 Santa Ana College Early History of Datacomm

From my post to FB group Bell Telephone… We were having problems with one of our 4 wire point to multipoint datacomm circuits.  Every morning at a little after 9 AM the circuit would go down.  I called in the problem and a Pac Bell tech came out, but couldn’t find a problem.  Next day,

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