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2024-01-10 SpaceX Satellite To Satellite Laser Links

SpaceX Reveals 8,000 satellite to satellite laser links.’space%20laser’%20feature%2C,Gateway%20ground%20station%20on%20Earth.

2023-10-21 I Had To Get My Uverse Wiring Repaired

This Saturday I had to wait for first, an at&t tech to verify that the outage was in their cabling. Then he found that the problem was 585 feet upstream, and he didn’t do pole climbing, he had tondispatch someone from Construction who climbed poles and had a bucket truck that could access the cables

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2023-09-03 Ethernet And POTS Over The Same Pair

When I was in the Army in Germany, I worked at the switchboard. We had a few telephone lines between HQ where I was and other missile battalions. These were from the German telephone system. There weren’t enough telephone pairs so they ordered the transformers used to make phantom circuits and installed them at both

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2022-01-29 Court Upholds Calif Net Neutrality Law

Court upholds California Net Neutrality Law. This is a blow to the telecom providers, that wanted to throttle the speeds of users to make more money.

2021-07-08 FTC Stops Broadcomm’s Monopolism

Federal Trade Commission said Broadcomm bullied its customers into exclusive contracts in order to buy Broadcomm chips.

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2021-06-30 Starlink Worldwide In August

Starlink will be available worldwide in August. The terminal costs users $500 but costs SpaceX almost $1300 to make. They are partnering with two mobile carriers to provide backhaul service to remote cell sites.

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2021-06-23 High Maintenance #3

Kate J. The guys had code words for some of the PITAs who frequently called the help desk. One lady, H.M.3 – high maintenance #3, kept asking for the cord replaced on her phone’s handset. I must’ve replaced it a half dozen times. It turned out that the problem wasn’t the cord, the network itself

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2021-05-10 Power Lines For Data Communication

In the late ’60s a high school friend and I worked part-time with a guy who did FCC type acceptance and other radio engineering. He bought used Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix and other high quality test equipment. One was a frequency standard which was directly traceable to the National Bureau Of Standards, now known as NIST. He

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2021-03-02 Service Providers Have 100 Mb/s Or More??

From my comment All you subscribers who think you’re getting over 100 Mb/s on your service — all are getting fooled. You may be getting more than 100 Mb from your home to the nearest concentration point. But as soon as your bitstream has to compete with many others then you can’t get your full

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2020-08-15 Facebook Fiber Optic Cable To Asia


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