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2022-06-07 Renewables Cataloged By Global Mapping Tool

Australian and other renewables projects cataloged by global mapping tool from Global Energy Monitor.

2021-07-04 Microphone Cable Impedance Calculator

The second calculator is given the capacitance in pF per meter and length, and it will calculate the impedance at a frequency.

2021-05-15 Million Mile Battery Is Not Moot Or Irrelevant

From FB group TSLA Shareholders De Bits Said, “…analysts … are focused on million mile battery which is moot if not irrelevant.” To you, Mr. De Bits, it may be irrelevant because you are apparently clueless about how important the lives of batteries are going to be for the V2G – vehicle to grid –

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2021-05-03 IBM Daisywheel Current Loop To IBM Serial Adapters

Bill Sherman What’s the current loop sender do? Convert RS-232 to current loop? I had to connect up the old IBM-XTs and ATs to the IBM daisywheel printers from Displaywriters. The XTs and ATs with ISA bus had a serial adapter card that supported current loop on the normally unused pins of the bottom row

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2021-04-01 RINs and NFTs

I was reading about RINs or Renewable Identification Numbers on Wikipedia here: And it said that since RINs can be bought and sold, there has been RIN fraud. Lately there has been talk of NFTs or non-fungible tokens in the newsmedia and I thought that since these have the ability to uniquely identify something,

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2020-09-24 Facebook User Supervising Game “Democratos”

I’m optimistic that humans are basically good, and given the opportunity, can make rational decisions. Humans also want to have fun and be entertained. So a game with some forms of rewards is a good choice. I found the article about Facebook and it gave me an idea that I think is a solution to

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2020-09-10 Model Of Least Cost All Renewables Grid

This is supposed to be a least cost model. Solar reaching up to 4.3 times capacity. I would expect that much of the curtailment would be replaced by “flexible loads” controlled by the grid, most of which would be hydrogen generation. The hydrogen could be stored and used for longer term storage/generation and/or transportation fuel.

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2020-08-13 Tesla Plans Revealed by “Now You Know”

A 40 minute YouTube video that talks about what Tesla and Elon Musk is planning. Also (skip ahead to the 30 minute point) they talk about the financial aspects of Tesla and that Tesla will be on the S & P 500. The important point they make is about the V2G (vehicle to grid) and

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2020-07-26 Facebook Content Moderation

I’m reading “Facebook” by Steven Levy. In ‘The Ugly’ chapter he explains how FB hires or contracts for thousands of moderators to take down content that violates their standards. These moderators may be psychologically harmed by all the nasty stuff that’s posted. And some things are borderline, they have a difficult time deciding if it

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2020-06-15 Windows Apps On Chrome OS

We already can run Windows Apps on Wine on Linux. Maybe one day we’ll be able to get rid of Windows.

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