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2022-04-22 Reasons For The Chip Shortage

ASML makes equipment for leading edge chips, so later there may be a shortage of those; see this article. But I find it amusing that they’re salvaging trailing edge (older) chips from washing machines to reuse for other purposes. But this article explains in detail how the chips are made and why they’re having

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2022-04-12 Chip Shortage Actually A Wafer Shortage

For more than a year during this ‘chip shortage, I’ve constantly heard, Elon Musk should build a chip fab. Build a chip fab! Build a chip Fab! Over and over again. It turns out that the chip shortage is actually a wafer shortage – there are not enough 200 mm (8 inch) wafers to make

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2022-01-12 Printer Ink Cartridges Are A Ripoff

From FB group The article said DRM, but it didn’t make sense to me either. But what makes me wonder is why do they go to the trouble and expense to put a chip in the cartridge if it’s just a matter of accepting the prompt that appears??? What purpose does the chip serve? The

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2021-12-21 RS-232 Sharing Box, RS-485, Poll-Select, Etc.

I had hundreds of CRT terminals around campus, connected to 16 RS-232 ports on the mainframe computer, back in the ’80s and ’90s. The protocol was Burroughs poll-select. Each of a dozen or so terminals was given its own address by dip switch. They were all running at 9600 bps over telephone lines driven by

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2021-11-20 Intel’s Plan Could Restore US Manufacturing

Longish story about Intel, new chips and new fab plants. New processes and new chip packaging methods. New processor series names.

2021-09-04 Tesla Chip Shortage Solutions

Tesla has developed a workaround for the microcontroller chip shortage. They developed 19 variations of controllers by changing the hardware and software. You can read the text of the video in the description.

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