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2024-05-26 Researchers Invent Mini Tuneable YIG Filter 3.4 to 11 GHz for 6G Datacomm

This is an interesting article: mainly about a miniature Tuneable YIG – yttrium-iron-garnet – filter that could replace many fixed filters. Quote “”Wireless devices use different filters for different frequencies, with the effect that covering all frequencies or bands requires large numbers of filters that take up substantial space. (The typical smartphone includes upwards of

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2024-05-22 Immersion Cooling Servers, Datacomm Equipment

That’s hard to believe!  I would just put the equipment in a sealed rack with a lot of well filtered airflow.  Someone suggested Fluorinert.

2024-05-08 Steve Gibson’s Validrive checks fake drives for total storage space

Have you got a USB disk drive or flash drive that was sold at a price so low it was “too good to be true”?  Steve Gibson’s Validrive will do spot checks to see if the SSD or flash drive is really what it claims to be.  Fake drives are sold for cheap and the

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2024-05-05 Tesla’s New Dojo AI Super-chip Will Be 40 Times More Powerful

A 5 min. YouTube video.  Sam the Electric Viking said that the supercomputer is now in New York.  There will be a new AI data center (being built) in Gigafactory Texas. 

2024-03-30 MX20T Link Switch Port Tester

A long time ago when we were going to Cat5 UTP, I had a lot of these MX20Ts left over.  So I made up a 15 pin plug with the negative 9VDC on pin 6 and positive on pin 13, and soldered the wires to the battery contacts.  I taped the battery to the back

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2024-03-18  2104 DRAM Memory Delidded, Under Microscope

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2024-03-15 Ferranti Argus “Hearing Aid” Computer

In the “Original Series” chapter this very interesting Wikipedia article talks about the “hearing aid computer” that used the OC-71 germanium transistors which were used in hearing aids and could go only up to 25kHz clock rate. That was quite slow – tube computers could clock at 500kHz.  Later models used faster transistors and could

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2023-12-07 Laser Weed Killer, Scarecrow, Bug Killer

These autonomous laser devices can be working in the fields around the clock. They could severely reduce the need for herbicides (weed killer chemicals), and insecticides which are also harmful to good insects and other animals and pollute the environment. It’s highly unlikely that a weed will become resistant to a Laser! They can be

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2023-12-06 AURGA Viewer Turns Smartphone Into Monitor, Mouse And Keyboard

2023-11-14 Amsec, Gary Lorenz, John Darjany – history of campus card

I finally found a bit of history about Gary Lorenz. He and I were high school friends. In 1972 he and John Darjany founded a company, Amsec, to make a “campus card system” for California Polytechnic University, Pomona. In 1974, Amsec was purchased by R.D. Products. A brief history of the campus card industry This

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