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2022-07-02 Enough EV Batteries For All EVs By 2035?

The EU is going to prohibit new gas cars by 2035. But they question whether there will be enough batteries for EVs in 2035. They mentioned Lithium iron phosphate and sodium ion batteries. But they failed to state the obvious! The law doesn’t say everyone must buy a battery EV. They failed to even mention

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2022-04-14 Watson’s Buzz Beeper

Watson’s Buzz Beeper I built this Buzz Beeper to find out if an audible tone could be used for sending simple commands, like turn on. Recently I built a microphone preamp with a bandpass filter that can detect my whistle. But it can be triggered by loud noise. So how about I generate a tone

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2022-04-01 LFP Batteries Almost As Good As NMC

Article gives Wh/kg for new LFP and cobalt free batteries. The recent excessive high price of nickel is causing the industry to reduce or avoid it. Also eliminating cobalt. The future batteries may become dependent on phosphate, of which 70% of the world supply is in Morocco.

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2022-03-27 Discovery: Overcoming Battery Performance Decline

Discovery. Shear stress, mini earthquakes, etc.

2022-03-26 Sodium-Ion Batteries Go Mainstream

Talk about Na-Ion batteries, Reliance Industries acquiring Faradion, CATL’s Na-Ion batteries. CATL says they are going to produce Na-Ion batteries with 190 Wh/kg and believe it’s possible to make them as high as 250 Wh/kg – this is better than Lithium-ion today.

2022-01-19 CATL Batteries Huge Future Demand 400+GWh

There will be a huge demand for batteries in the future according to CATL. They are bringing a huge factory online but the demand will be greater over the next few years. The demand is growing.

2021-07-30 CATL Makes Sodium-Ion Batteries

CATL has developed and produced sodium-ion batteries almost as good as LFP batteries. The 1st generation are 160 Wh/kg as compared to 200 for LFP.

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