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2022-06-09 ESRI Time Lapse Of GigaFactory Nevada

Talks about the building and shows timelapse of the construction. Link is to instagram. I don’t have an account, so I can’t go any further.

2022-04-17 Texas Is A Walled Garden Of Bigotry And Hatred

I love this article. It starts with: (quote) << Texas is a walled garden of bigotry and hatred. It prides itself on telling people what they can and cannot think, say, or do in the name of freedom. For instance, it is so intent on avoiding federal regulations, it has built an entire electrical grid

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2022-04-02 Tesla Sets Another Quarter Delivery Record

Over 310,000 EVs.

2022-03-31 NHTSA Reinstates Fines – Fleet MPG Fuel Efficiency Requirements

This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Tesla. NHTSA is reinstating the full amount of the fines that vehicle manufacturers have to pay if their fleet doesn’t meet the required miles per gallon for fuel efficiency. The Trump administration filled the government with their anti-environmental, pro-pollution cronies who “filled the swamp” by cutting

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2022-03-25 Drone Flies Thru Gigafactory Berlin!

Woo-hoo! This 4.4 minute drone video on YouTube flies through seemingly impossible places! Through the stamping presses, through the robotic welders, the paint shop, the assembly lines, everywhere! I had to slow it down to 0.5 speed to see what’s happening! This is what I’ve been waiting for, wanting to see things close up and

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2022-03-20 Tesla Trying To Meet Battery Production Goals

Tesla is trying to meet goals for battery production. This article gets into the technical details of the wet and dry battery production, like NMP.

2022-03-10 Biden: Tesla America’s Largest EV Maker

For the first time I read a half decent article, with a balanced viewpoint. The author criticized Musk for his faults. Something I’m sure all the Fanbois will bitch about. Another article mentioned Musk. About Globalization and its threats to economic security. Quote: << What happens to Tesla, for instance, when Xi Jinping bares

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2022-03-02 37 Tesla Megapacks In Alaska

And a 1.3 minute video about it.

2022-02-14 Reasons For Musk, Legal, Regulatory Troubles

The headline clickbait says “… Tesla’s current legal and regulatory troubles…” This is nothing out of the ordinary for a company the size of Tesla. The author, and Electrek as a whole, are as much of the problem as “conspiracy theories”. The media draws undue attention to Tesla without drawing attention to the same issues

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2022-02-03 Tesla Cathode Plant At GF Texas

I had assumed that the Project Bobcat at GF Texas would be the cathode plant. There already have been steel beam deliveries for a building with the name cathode. But the article doesn’t say anything about that, but the map shows that it is in the same location. So this application may be for the

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