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2021-09-20 Chip Shortage And Auto Makers

Rob Maurer’s Tesla Daily episode About car makers in general, Rob said, “These companies want things to stay the same. They want to take the path of least resistance, and that is continuity. … Those results are visible now as these companies work through the chip shortage.” Tesla is faced with the same logistics

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2021-09-12 Tesla Recycles All Of Battery Packs

New Tesla Battery Recycling Process Reportedly Produces No Waste

2021-09-04 Tesla Chip Shortage Solutions

Tesla has developed a workaround for the microcontroller chip shortage. They developed 19 variations of controllers by changing the hardware and software. You can read the text of the video in the description.

2021-08-30 ICEV Sales Peaked In 2016

Comment I made Lee Davies I’m not sure what you mean by the real exponentials. In the US, Tesla’s market share has to pretty much come from eating into sales of new ICEVs because most people old enough to drive already have a car. If Tesla opens Giga Berlin and can sell really cheap cars

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2021-08-17 BEV Fires Take 40x More Water

I got in a disagreement with a guy about how dangerous hydrogen powered vehicles are. He claimed hydrogen vehicles are more dangerous than lithium batteries. I cited the fires that were occurring in Chevy Bolts recently. So here’s an article that “adds more fuel to the fire” on how dangerous BEVs are. Hydrogen burns but

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2021-08-10 Tesla Environmental, Social Governance Impact Report

Quote: << The very purpose of Tesla’s existence is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. In light of this mission, we are excited to publish our second annual Impact Report. >>

2021-08-07 Autonomous Ride Hailing – Tesla And Others

Jeffrey Levine Said, “there is 0 chance they will get 30% of the market. At 10% they would be most successful with their margins.” Tesla has stated that their business is not to prevent other car makers from competing; they want to get rid of ICEVs. But Tesla is so far ahead of the others

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2021-08-02 Piedmont Mining Delays

From FB group TSLA… Matthew Prather Tesla has some kind of agreement with Piedmont Mining. It may be for future production. That said… There are the following issues: Tesla production is limited by battery supply. Increasing the Battery supply requires increasing the supply of lithium. The Silver Mountain lithium mine in Nevada is the only

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2021-08-02 List Of Tesla Factories

This article is a list of Tesla gigafactories, current and rumored.

2021-07-31 New Tesla Model Produced In Shanghai?

Rumor said that Tesla’s new low priced – $25,000 – “model 2” or whatever it will be called will be produced on GF Shanghai. It will be based on the model 3. To reduce the cost of the battery pack, which is the most expensive part of the car, the cells will have to be

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