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2023-11-24 Tesla Will Stop Using Rare Earth Metals In Motors

According to the article the Model 3 uses 520 grams of neodymium.

2023-11-18 Tesla Doom And Gloom Article Spreads FUD

This article is spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about Tesla. The author is completely unaware of all the other businesses that Tesla is also in. Musk has said that the energy storage segment of Tesla will probably grow to be bigger than the auto segment. The author is clueless about the Cybertruck, which is being

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2023-11-13 Dolivo-Dobrovolski, A Contemporary Of N. Tesla, Invents 3-phase Generation In Germany.

Kathy tells about Dolivo-Dobrovolski, a contemporary of N. Tesla, invents 3-phase generation in Germany. History Of 3-Phase Electricity And It’s Distribution

2023-11-12 Tesla To Integrate New Grok AI Assistant In Its EVs, according to the CEO.

“”Tesla is going to integrate Elon Musk’s newly launched Grok AI assistant in its electric vehicles, according to the CEO.”” We could surmise that Tesla would have to keep up with the Alexas and Siris, and come out with their own version of a voice response system. This will help remove the distraction of fiddling

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2023-10-31 Tesla Prevails In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In a 9 to 3 jury trial. Tesla prevails in first Autopilot wrongful-death suit

2023-10-18 Tesla’s 120 Acre Ecological Restoration Some info from Joe T Patreon NEWS: Tesla has revealed a 120-acre Giga Texas ecological uplift project. Planting: Restoring natural habitats in historically depleted mining site Soil Amendment: Restructuring of depleted soil to bring into healthy state to support plant restoration Shallow Water Habitat Grading Water Usage

2023-10-11 Tesla’s Virtual Machine Mode, Autobidder, Powerhub, Opticaster, &c.

Links to several of Tesla’s energy storage products. VMM explained. There are many critics who say that Renewable energy will always need ‘baseload’ generation – thermal power plants. But they are being proven wrong by these new inventions that emulate baseload generation with software. Tesla says (quote) “”As more wind and solar power replace fossil

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2023-09-23 Tesla Dojo Explained, BMW Partners With AWS

This article starts out briefly explaining Tesla’s Project Dojo. Lots of skepticism, I see here. I think some of these skeptics should just hold their tongues and wait and see what happens. It may take longer than what they think it’s going to take, but eventually they will get to level four, maybe level five

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2023-09-16 Tesla Gigacasting Whole Frame

Reuters article about using 3D printing sand, slower casting speed and even a 16000 ton Gigapress. All to make a lower cost EV. Original article

2023-09-11 Tesla’s Dojo Supercomputer Causes4

Good information Tesla (TSLA) stock surges from optimistic look at Dojo supercomputer Quote: “”Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas wrote in the note: The autonomous car has been described as the mother of all AI projects. In its quest to solve for autonomy, Tesla has developed an advanced supercomputing architecture that pushes new boundaries in custom

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