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2024-04-05 Musk Debunks Rumor That Model 2 Scrapped, Replaced By Robotaxi

Another false rumor spread by Reuters has been shut down by Elon. Also, Electrek stated: “”Tesla is currently building its new production systems for the next-generation at its Gigafactory Texas facility in Austin.”” Elon Musk shuts down report that Tesla is scrapping its ‘$25,000 Model 2’ electric car

2024-03-02 Waymo Is Way Ahead Of Tesla FSD – Reader Comment

Somewhat harsh words from a reader about Tesla’s FSD – Full Self-driving.  Yes, Waymo (from Google) may be ahead, and that’s good.  Commenter says Waymo uses AI and LLM too.  We need competition in the ASD – autonomous self-driving field.  Tesla Is Way Behind Waymo — Reader Comment

2024-02-13 Tesla To Build Largest 164 Stall Supercharging Station In California

That’s a lot of stalls! I also made a few calculations.  The canopies at GF Texas have 9 by 4 = 36 solar panels.  Assume each panel puts out 350 Watts. 350 * 36 = 12.6 kW. Each canopy covers 4 stalls, so 164 stalls divided by 4 = 41 canopies. 12.6 kW * 41

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2024-01-24 Tesla’s Next Generation EV Coming In 2025

Suppliers are letting little secrets leak out. I think there will be a lot more low cost Tesla EVs reserved than the 2 million Cybertrucks. Tesla next-gen electric cars are coming in 2025, supplier sources say Elon Musk said late 2025 at the shareholder meeting today, Jan 24. Elon Musk: Tesla aims for next-gen EV

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2024-01-22 Reports Say Tesla EVs Are Fully Autonomous With New Change [In FSD 12.1.2]

This seems to be about FSD – full self driving. Electric Viking YouTube video 7 mins long. Sam Evans says that Tesla has replaced 300,000 lines of C++ code with a neural network. It’s version 12.1.2. There are a lot of rave reviews by users. Much better than before. If the reports are true, it

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2023-12-14 Tesla Says Solar + Powerwall Cheaper Than A Generator

I hope so. The backup generator uses fuel, so the more you use it, the more it costs. Solar + Tesla Powerwall gets free fuel from the Sun. So use it as much as possible and save a lot on your electricity bill! Potentially thousands of dollars a year. Tesla claims Powerwall with solar is

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2023-12-09 Tesla Energy Business Growing Rapidly 90%YoY

Elon Musk said Tesla’s energy business could grow to be as big as the EV car business. A 90% YoY energy storage deployment. YouTube short video.

2023-12-02 Tesla 1.6GWh Megapacks Order Near Melbourne, Australia

This 600MW/1.6GWh project will make it one of the largest in the world. It’s a billion dollar project. Tesla secures massive 1.6 GWh Megapack order for giant project Quote “”The Megapack has quickly become the go-to solution for large-scale energy storage projects. Last quarter, Tesla reported a record 4 GWh of energy storage deployed. This

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2023-11-24 Tesla Will Stop Using Rare Earth Metals In Motors

According to the article the Model 3 uses 520 grams of neodymium.

2023-11-18 Tesla Doom And Gloom Article Spreads FUD

This article is spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about Tesla. The author is completely unaware of all the other businesses that Tesla is also in. Musk has said that the energy storage segment of Tesla will probably grow to be bigger than the auto segment. The author is clueless about the Cybertruck, which is being

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