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2023-11-26 Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan Will Put Convicted Former President In Jail

Ben Meiselas plays an interview of former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner by Michael Cohen on the blue Mea Culpa channel. Kirschner Predicts Judge Chutkan of the federal prosecution of Trump in Washington D.C. for the federal classified information crimes. Kirschner also said he believes Trump will be sentenced to life in prison, and no deal

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2023-11-10 Uninformed Or Misinformed – Tell The Truth Instead Of Trying To Be First

“”If you don’t read the newsmedia, you’re uninformed. If you do read the newsmedia, you’re misinformed.””

2023-09-12 Veolia Recycles Wind Turbine Blades

Veolia grinds up the blades and uses them as fuel to make cement.

2023-09-09 History: Presidents After The Election

It’s a damned shame that one ex-president had to ruin an unblemished record of peaceful transfer of power. 郎

2023-07-22 Mission Hydrogen

Promotes green hydrogen – see what’s offered. Mission Hydrogen EN com

2023-07-18 RFK Jr. Spreads Anti-Semitic Sinophobic Covid Conspiracy

The Majority Report 22 min. YouTube video citing clip of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Description quote: “”Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke at a campaign event in Manhattan last week and claimed that it’s possible that COVID was a bioweapon that ethnically targeted Caucasians and Black people but didn’t target as aggressively Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese

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2023-07-04 The End Of Haber-Bosch – Its Replacement

New research has enabled fixating nitrogen easier than by the Haber-Bosch process. About half the world’s food supply depends on the fertilizer made by the Haber-Bosch process. It is imperative that we end the use of fossil fuels in the Haber-Bosch process because its end product is CO2 greenhouse gas. It must be replaced by

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2023-07-03 FFs More Than Business As Usual – This Should NOT Be Allowed!

The IPCC plans for 1.5C require that the countries have to do a cutback below BAU – business as usual.  Countries incentivize RE – renewable energy – to get it more competitive with FFs – fossil fuels.  But FFs say we’re not going to stand by and let this happen and they raise hell saying

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2023-07-02 Tesla 2nd Quarter Deliveries etc.

What bothers me is that the analyst pundits completely ignore a major part of Tesla’s business: the battery energy storage segment. Elon said that the energy business may outgrow the automotive business, and it is growing rapidly. But it’s treated as if it doesn’t exist! See following article.

2023-06-16 Aluminum-ion and Aluminum-sulfur Batteries

This Cleantechnica article about research and development advancements on batteries using aluminum-ion and aluminum-sulfur chemistries. German Universities; Lyten company announcing opening a pilot battery factory for lithium-sulfur cells. Quote: “”Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust and its recycling is easy. Its high volumetric capacity of 8040 mA-h/cm−3 as a negative electrode

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