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2022-05-06 Methane Is Much Worse Than CO2

The world has a much more dangerous greenhouse gas than CO2 – it’s methane, also known as natural gas. And huge amounts are locked up in the environment, and may be released by global warming. Biofuelspk said, “… natural gas which is 84 times worse for climate change compared to CO2.” I’ve read the numbers

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2022-03-16 Green Hydrogen Will Be Used In Place Of Natural Gas

Comment on Tesla small shareholders The amount of hydrogen needed to power anything doesn’t matter. The renewables are intermittent so the solar and wind rated capacity has to be 3 to 4 times the peak load. Thus there is going to be too much renewables electricity for much of the time. At the present, that

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2022-02-08 Why Texans Don’t Have Power

This is why 70,000 Texans are without power after the freeze this week. Nice to know that Gov. Abbot is sacrificing Texans for money. More about the (un)reliability of the Texas natural gas supply and why it’s not as cheap as renewables plus storage.

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