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2018-12-31 Zenith Royal 500 Unique Issue

Also to FB group Building Transistor Radios 2018-12-31 I have several Zenith Royal 500 radios with the ‘long range’ eighth transistor added as a RF preamplifier (chassis number begins with 8). See the attached photo. This does not require a third section on the tuning capacitor, as some ‘TRF’ radios have. Zenith added a tuned

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2018-01-01 H N Y! Old Germanium Transistors Lose Gain As They Age

Happy New Year! I replied to a comment by George Glavas on FB group Vintage Transistor Radios George Glavas I’ve never read any documents to back up your claim that “…germanium transistors lose gain as they age.”  I think that people believe this because old equipment has lost gain.  But all of the problems I’ve

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2017-08-20 Measuring Very Low Resistance 

From my FB comment  Some comments say measure with a meter, but fractional ohm resistors don’t measure, or barely measure with the typical ohmmeter.   Instead, you should be giving better advice.  You should use the device between your ears to find the resistance. The resistor should be put in series with another resistor of

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2014-10-23 Nichrome Wire For DIY Resistors

I ordered some 22 AWG nichrome wire from today.  It’s about an ohm per foot, or 3 and a fraction ohms per meter.  My plan is to make my own low value resistors for current monitoring. I often want to monitor the current in a higher power LED or input current to a Joule

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2013-07-05 Phase Shift Oscillator Using a Regular Transistor

First off, I must state that the PSO is not the best solution for an audio oscillator.  It uses only a single transistor, but it has a limitation that makes it put out a poor quality sine wave.    As typical of the PSO, the sine wave becomes distorted because the loop gain is greater

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