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2024-03-11 Flexible LED Filaments

Some information on what current and resistors to use.  The LEDs are all in parallel and need about 3 Volts, current limited with a resistor.

2024-03-09 Big Clive’s Old Tungsten Roadwork Beacon – Barricade Flasher

I built this “tungsten roadwork beacon” as Clive calls it, using the parts given in my schematic (photo below). I didn’t have a 6V, 90 mA lamp, so I simulated it by using three 20 ohm, 1/4 Watt resistors in series, which gives 60 ohms and 100 mA load with 6VDC.  For an indicator I

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2024-04-06 The Flexible LED Filament

This YouTube short demos a flexible LED filament and shows how to configure it for 5VDC.

2024-03-03 Video Game Uses Switch Port Lights

Someone must’ve written a program that runs on a switch and plays a video game like PacMan using the port lights.

2024-02-05 1960s IT Guy Predicts The Future

He got almost all of it right.  But at that time  no one knew how portable they would become.  No one knew how many more things they would be and do – telephone, camera, audio and video recorders, run hundreds of applications such as the browsers that access the Worldwide Web.   Email, messaging, clock, calendar

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2024-01-10 SpaceX Satellite To Satellite Laser Links

SpaceX Reveals 8,000 satellite to satellite laser links.’space%20laser’%20feature%2C,Gateway%20ground%20station%20on%20Earth.

2024-01-02 AI Powered Weed Killing Robot

This is going to be greatly reducing the need for herbicides – weed killers, which are poisonous, not good for our food. Making for a better, greener world. ▶️ Watch this reel

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2023-12-07 Laser Weed Killer, Scarecrow, Bug Killer

These autonomous laser devices can be working in the fields around the clock. They could severely reduce the need for herbicides (weed killer chemicals), and insecticides which are also harmful to good insects and other animals and pollute the environment. It’s highly unlikely that a weed will become resistant to a Laser! They can be

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2023-11-14 My Supercharged Joule Thief At Devopedia

He uses my SJT circuit in his web page.

2023-11-06 Reproduction Antique Radio Tubes and sets

I’ve been discussing the restoration of a hundred y.o. radio, and I thought about the retro light bulbs that look like incandescents but use LED filaments. Someone should make some old tubes that are actually using LEDs that look like the filaments, but just for decorative purposes. The glass envelope would look like the tube;

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