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2022-03-28 Misinfo Derailing Wind, Solar Across US (NPR)

Misinformation, especially on Facebook and social media, is derailing renewable energy projects across the US. These fools are going to cause the planet to suffer greatly.

2022-03-27 Conger Ice Shelf Broken Free

Something about “The size of Los Angeles”!!

2022-03-27 Discovery: Overcoming Battery Performance Decline

Discovery. Shear stress, mini earthquakes, etc.

2022-03-26 Sodium-Ion Batteries Go Mainstream

Talk about Na-Ion batteries, Reliance Industries acquiring Faradion, CATL’s Na-Ion batteries. CATL says they are going to produce Na-Ion batteries with 190 Wh/kg and believe it’s possible to make them as high as 250 Wh/kg – this is better than Lithium-ion today.

2022-03-26 Musk: Nickel Manganese Batteries

She said the one very important point at the end: << Estimates show that the world is going to need 300 terawatt-hours of battery cell production in order to transition fully to a sustainable future. That is an obscene figure. >> This is a obscenely huge amount of battery cells. This is why the world

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2022-03-26 Legislation Intro’d Renewables ‘Superhighway’

This CHARGE act legislation is to build a renewable energy ‘superhighway’. According to this, the existing electric infrastructure is old and antiquated and needs to be upgraded. It seems that if the existing system is working adequately then it’s not that bad. The renewables could be connected to the existing generators at their locations and

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2022-03-25 Drone Flies Thru Gigafactory Berlin!

Woo-hoo! This 4.4 minute drone video on YouTube flies through seemingly impossible places! Through the stamping presses, through the robotic welders, the paint shop, the assembly lines, everywhere! I had to slow it down to 0.5 speed to see what’s happening! This is what I’ve been waiting for, wanting to see things close up and

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2022-03-25 China’s Green H2 Message Bad News For Russia

China’s green hydrogen message spells bad news for Russia. Quote: << Green hydrogen made no sense as commercial venture back when the cost of wind and solar power was sky-high. As those costs have come down, the green hydrogen market has exploded, and for good reason. Hydrogen is already part and parcel of the modern

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2022-03-25 Yellen: US Should Have Moved To Renewables Faster

US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen said the US should have moved faster toward renewable energy. It would have made us more independent of foreign and Russian fossil fuels. Quote: << Current energy market struggles are a reason to increase focus on renewable energy, Yellen said. >>

2022-03-24 Myth: Nuclear Power Is The Only Way to Meet Deadlines

@LordOfNihil Said “[solar panels] won’t meet the energy needs for everyone on the planet, only those who can afford solar panels.” That’s absurd. The used solar panels with “only 80%” are being resold to developing countries where farmers buy them to run the pumps to pump well water for their crops. Anyone can afford the

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