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2022-03-25 China’s Green H2 Message Bad News For Russia

China’s green hydrogen message spells bad news for Russia. Quote: << Green hydrogen made no sense as commercial venture back when the cost of wind and solar power was sky-high. As those costs have come down, the green hydrogen market has exploded, and for good reason. Hydrogen is already part and parcel of the modern

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2022-03-25 Yellen: US Should Have Moved To Renewables Faster

US Treasury secretary Janet Yellen said the US should have moved faster toward renewable energy. It would have made us more independent of foreign and Russian fossil fuels. Quote: << Current energy market struggles are a reason to increase focus on renewable energy, Yellen said. >>

2021-11-05 High Gas Prices Blamed On OPEC, Russia

Higher gasoline prices blamed on OPEC & Russia. The higher gas prices are incentives for drivers to change to EVs. Instead of hundreds more, they could be saving hundreds in fuel costs. << “Higher prices at the pump matter,” Finley said. By his calculations, he said, just this year’s increases are costing each American

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2021-03-19 Russia Disinformation Laundered By Congressmen

Maloney (D) talks about declassified intelligence information that Russia used congressmen as “useful idiots” to launder (legitimize?) Their disinformation.


2021-03-18 Russia, Iran Tried To Influence Election – FBI++

The DNI reported that Russia and Iran tried to influence the 2020 election. Quote: << “A key element of Moscow’s strategy this election cycle was its use of proxies linked to Russian intelligence to push influence narratives-including misleading or unsubstantiated allegations against President Biden,” the U.S. intelligence community report states. >>

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