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2023-10-18 Tesla’s 120 Acre Ecological Restoration Some info from Joe T Patreon NEWS: Tesla has revealed a 120-acre Giga Texas ecological uplift project. Planting: Restoring natural habitats in historically depleted mining site Soil Amendment: Restructuring of depleted soil to bring into healthy state to support plant restoration Shallow Water Habitat Grading Water Usage

2023-07-10 Tesla Gigafactory Mexico Set For Construction

Th governor of Nuevo León says the permits are done. The new generation of low cost Tesla EVs will be made here. I wonder how many Tesla EVs are currently being sold in Mexico and other countries south of the border. I suspect not very many. They’re a lot more expensive than other cars there.

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2023-06-24 Tesla Cyber Rodeo, 9000 Ton Gigapress, Etc.

This is a short tour of the gigafactory Texas during the Cyber Rodeo public event, 15 thousand visitors. Shows robotic arms on the assembly lines. QR codes in a stripe on the floor to guide the autonomous transporters. A few seconds of Arc Attack’s presentation. Very up close shots of the 9000 long tonne Gigapress.

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2022-03-25 Drone Flies Thru Gigafactory Berlin!

Woo-hoo! This 4.4 minute drone video on YouTube flies through seemingly impossible places! Through the stamping presses, through the robotic welders, the paint shop, the assembly lines, everywhere! I had to slow it down to 0.5 speed to see what’s happening! This is what I’ve been waiting for, wanting to see things close up and

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2022-02-21 Fab Lab Or GigaFactory? Or Both

Fab Lab = fabrication laboratory Do It Yourself.

2021-08-04 Panasonic To Commission 4680 Line In Nevada

Panasonic announced it will start a new production line in Giga Nevada to make 4680 cells. Also new cell chemistry.

2021-08-02 List Of Tesla Factories

This article is a list of Tesla gigafactories, current and rumored.

2021-07-14 GigaFactory Texas Plans

This may have been from a document in County records.

2021-01-29 Gigafactory Texas Timelines & Map

From Joe’s video of Jan 29.

2021-01-23 Tesla Giga Texas Construction Map

From Joe’s video on this date. More diagrams here: Tesla’s video on 4680 battery The above drawing is from the south looking north. The following screenshot is from the north looking south.

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