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2023-08-08 Huckabee’s Childrens’ Book Of Climate Misinformation

Mike Huckabee’s new childrens’ book about climate change is filled with misinformation. Scroll down to the examples of misinformation. Page numbers are indented. Mike Huckabee’s New Children’s Book About Climate Change Is Filled With Scary Misinformation

2023-07-29 Big Oil Shill lies To Us

This shill for the fossil fuels industries is trying to tell us that we have to stop making things from fossil fuels – that’s a LIE! What must be stopped is adding CO2 – carbon dioxide – or methane to the atmosphere. The burning of oil, gas or coal must be stopped so no more

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2022-03-28 Misinfo Derailing Wind, Solar Across US (NPR)

Misinformation, especially on Facebook and social media, is derailing renewable energy projects across the US. These fools are going to cause the planet to suffer greatly.

2022-03-01 Covid-19 Infodemic Misinformation, Vaccine Acceptance Research

This research talks about the Covid-19 infodemic and misinformation.

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