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2023-12-01 California’s Salton Sea Has Lithium To Power 375 Million EVs

The naysayers criticize that there’s not enough lithium. But they don’t know what they are talking about. The problem with the very hot brine that’s got the lithium is no one has yet figured out how to extract the lithium from it. Another article about lithium price

2023-11-05 Why We Can’t Live Without Lithium

DW Planet A ELEMENTAL video 11.5 mins on YouTube

2023-09-14 Black Mass Matters! The New Black Gold

The black mass is the concentrated lithium and other metals left when lithium EV batteries are recycled into their parts. This black mass is then processed along with other raw materials to make new batteries. There are these Chicken Littles who say that EV batteries are too expensive, then contradict themselves by saying the EV

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2023-08-21 Australian Mines Demand Increasing, Lithium, Copper

Australian needs to stop exporting coal and fossil fuels and start ramping up their mines to meet the demands for lithium, copper, manganese, etc. Australian Mining — Can It Power All The New EVs?

2022-04-25 Statevolt To Build Battery Plant In So Calif.

Nice, but it will take a few years. It will extract lithium from the brine of the geothermal plant at the Salton Sea.

2021-06-21 Australia Supplying Lithium And Nickel

Said, “Each EV has about 5000 dollars (Au?) In it.” Well, the battery pack is about a hundred dollars US per kWh or about $7500.00 per vehicle. It’s hard to believe that the raw material costs make up well over half of the cost of an EV battery pack. Then he said Denholm noted that

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2021-06-04 Scientists Harvest Lithium From Seawater

Scientists have cost-effectively harvested lithium from sea water. This also produces hydrogen and chlorine and can use the leftover brine from desalination plants. It requires a lithium lanthanum titanium oxide (LLTO) membrane. Very interesting! Another link

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2021-02-13 Article Talks Trash Re: EVs and Lithium Batteries

My replies to article cited by an “electrical engineer with 34 yrs experience”. << Ned Goldston Thanks for the link to the article. The article is written with false information (e.g. li-Ion batteries cannot be recycled), the reference used is at least 8 years out of date, and the most telling is the last

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2020-11-17 Tesla Batteries And Supply Constraints

The manufacturing of Electric Vehicles and grid scale storage are constrained by the amounts of batteries that can be supplied by the battery makers around the world. The early Tesla EVs used the ubiquitous 18650 lithium ion cells, something like 6000 per vehicle. In order to reduce costs and weight Tesla went to the larger

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2020-09-17 How Long Will Lithium Supplies Last?

This article paints a doom and gloom picture of the lithium supply. Lithium is the 25th most common element on earth. It’s not that rare. According to Wikipedia it’s as common as chlorine. It says the seawater has 230 BILLION tonnes. So the supply is not going to run out, it’s just going to get

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