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2022-03-29 Very Strange Dream: Classroom Drama

I had this very strange dream. I was sitting in the classroom, writing the answers to a test. The guy next to me put out his arm like he was stretching, and completely blocked my face. I pushed his arm out of the way and gave him a frown, and continued writing. I’m thinking why

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2022-01-06 MASS PSYCHOSIS – How An Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill

This animated story is very appropriate for today, Jan 6. It’s sad…

2022-01-02 Dunning-Kruger Theory

I would have to disagree with the meme. Many of our elected officials are no more educated than the village idiots, and they think they are better informed and can make decisions better than the college graduates. And these decisions are made without the knowledge or wisdom of better informed people. This is the basis

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2021-12-15 ACDII Why Do Uneducated Think They’re Smarter?

Why do the uneducated people think they’re more intelligent than the educated people? Maybe this explains it.

2021-11-23 Research, P Hacking

Is most research wrong? Odds of incorrect research, P hacking.

2021-11-21 Climate Change Disinformation Types Of People

Study finds there are four types of climate change disinformation people. Immune to disinformation Vulnerable to disinformation Receptive to disinformation Actively amplify disinformation Find out which of these is who you’re talking to. The second and third types may be worth converting. The fourth is a waste of time. Link to NASA climate change

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2021-11-03 The Enigma Of Climate Inaction This hour long video is summed up by the first slide, << Main messages – It’s complicated! – Humans really don’t understand human behaviour. – How we ‘act out’ in life springs from a complex interplay of nature and nurture. – From the perspective of the public good’, H. sapiens is not primarily a

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2021-10-12 Climate Change Deniers Want To Believe Disinformation

The climate change deniers want to believe there is no climate change, that everything will be just fine if we do nothing to combat climate change. Is it fear of uncertainty and upheaval that drives them to fail to deal with reality? These CCDs (climate change deniers) actively seek to prove to themselves that climate

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2021-09-16 Why We Reject Contrary Evidence

Why do humans instinctively reject evidence contrary to their beliefs?

2021-03-26 Ignorance Is Power

The saying “Knowledge Is Power” has a corollary “Ignorance Is Power.” By this it is meant that politicians have power over people by keeping them ignorant. The politicians use the biased newsmedia to maintain the ignorance by spreading false information. The conflicts between “us” which they claim is the true news, and “them” which they

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