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2023-10-15 Cybertruck Meets DeLorean

Both have a stainless steel body. It’s a shame that DeLorean didn’t last. Tesla Cybertruck pictured next to DeLorean DMC-12

2023-07-26 Tesla Cybertruck Caught Outside Gigafactory Texas

Thanks, Joe! Joe Tegtmeyer’s 26 July 2023 Construction Update Video, at time 29:52, caught a newly manufactured Cybertruck outside Gigafactory Texas. The “machine that makes the machines” is now making Cybertrucks, and we can expect to see many more of them as they ramp up production and Cybertrucks come off the line. Those with reservations

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2023-07-24 Tesla Cybertruck Estimated Range, Battery Packs, etc.

InsideEVs gives some preliminary estimates of the battery capacities, ranges and other figures for the Cybertruck. These estimates are not official.

2022-06-05 9000T Gigapress Is For CT Unibody

This is a new theory. Elon Musk said the 9000 ton IDRA Gigapress is for the Cybertruck body, in other words the structural frame underneath the exterior stainless steel panels. Before it was thought that the 8000 ton Gigapress would be for the Cybertruck’s “skateboard” – front, rear and structural battery pack. The 9000 ton

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