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2024-04-16 White Vinegar Isn’t Neutralizing NiCad Electrolyte

I put white vinegar on the areas where the NiCad juice turned the PCB green, and it didn’t seem to do anything.  So after awhile I washed it off with plain tapwater.  I used a soft brush and a lot of the green coating washed off.  It’s not in very good shape.  I’m wondering if

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2024-03-24 Signal Distortion From High-K Ceramic Capacitors

A good article about signal distortion in a Butterworth low pass opamp filter using C0G and X7R MLCCs.

2023-12-26 Rejuvenating Old Solar Panels

This is new to me. But solar panels are getting so inexpensive that it may be cheaper to replace them.

2023-12-04 CR Car Reliability Report Explained – Important Details

One issue Consumer Reports had was the EVs and PHEVs were a smaller sample size, leading to one ‘bad apple’ skewing the overall results. So read this article for a better explanation before jumping to conclusions. Also, Tesla models 3 and Y are recommended by CR. Adding Context To That Consumer Reports Electric Car Reliability

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2023-10-21 I Had To Get My Uverse Wiring Repaired

This Saturday I had to wait for first, an at&t tech to verify that the outage was in their cabling. Then he found that the problem was 585 feet upstream, and he didn’t do pole climbing, he had tondispatch someone from Construction who climbed poles and had a bucket truck that could access the cables

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2023-08-07 Auto ECM Electronic Repair – A New Business Opportunity

This is a quote from a post in a group about auto ECM – electronic control module – repair. “”Andrew Brown 12h To the young budding electronics techs out there – listen up. This is a potential opportunity for you to build a decent business with pretty dedicated customers. (No involvement on my part.) The

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2023-06-24 Never Defeat The Fuse! Or Fusible Link

I saw that meme where some clown replaced the 30 amp fuse in his car with a live .22 long rifle cartridge. That was a disaster waiting to happen! This is a true story – mid 1970s. My neighbor bought his wife a new sleek red Trans Am, and really loved how fast it could

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2022-06-04 New York Right To Repair Law

This may apply to other states as well. Applies to cell phones and PCs. Does not apply to many other devices.

2022-02-27 Caps Wiki – Repairing Electronics

Caps Wiki – a place for you to share your repair notes. I like the idea. I’m wondering if I have the patience to spend the extra time.

2022-01-22 LED Xmas Light String Repair

A string of LED xmas lights had been fritzing on and off, then it finally failed. I had to pull out 4 lights before I found two that were dead. I had to file off the ridge around the base to get them to fit properly into the base. So it’s back working again. It

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