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2019-11-01 Microwave Motion Detector (BigClive)

Here is a good explanation of a microwave motion detector with a schematic. A few important things: This gadget detects *anything* that moves that interferes with microwaves. It isn’t limited to living bodies. The microwaves will go through drywall or other insulating surfaces. It will be attenuated by glass, presumably because glass has lead and

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2019-06-12 Plug-in Coils Pros And Cons

from FB group Regenerative Radio… Jun 13 I’ve thought about using plug-in coils, but I’ve had experience with Grid dip meters and there are a few important issues that must be dealt with. One is, what happens to the unused coils when the equipment is not in use. They get separated from the equipment and

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2018-12-12 LM78xx Linear Regulator Disadvantages

from FB group Building Transistor Radios 2018-12-13 Joseph Rotello I agree with some of your claims. But I know far more about 3-terminal regulators than you think. First off, your claim that they are more efficient is unproveable. There are linear PSes that are more efficient. That was the reason LDO regulators were used. You

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2017-09-10 How Long Can An Arduino Circuit Last?

My answer to a FB Arduino group question on Sept 17 Dan Rogers has the right idea.  The protoboard, with all the holes in it, was never meant to be permanent.  The contacts in each hole lose their springiness as they are used to hold wires.  The contacts can become intermittent after awhile.  As time

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