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2021-11-11 Hydrogen Major Drawbacks, Propaganda

This article tells about many drawbacks of hydrogen: gray, blue and green hydrogen. They claim that << Combusting green hydrogen in power plants jeopardizes public health and delays climate action >> because it produce nitrogen oxides. But so do burning fossil fuels. They bring up that steel pipes are made brittle by hydrogen at high

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2021-09-04 EIA Electric Power Monthly Capacity Factors

This table gives the capacity factors for different generation sources. Does not have coal power plants. Solar PV averages about 25% annually. Wind averages about 35% annually. The conventional fossil fuel power plants

2021-08-15 LCOEs + Forecasts For 2030, 2040

Renewables are lower than fossil fuels. Study by Fraunhofer in Germany which has less sunlight.

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2021-07-15 Hydrogen Turbines Vs. Lithium Ion

The cost of green hydrogen must come down or else the gas turbines must be used as a peaker plant during the time when high demand causes electricity price to spike. As the percentage of renewables increases, this may happen more often. But that will cost consumers.

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