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2024-05-12 Giant Batteries Are Transforming the Way the U.S. Uses Electricity

This link to the article is supposed to be free, and *not* behind a paywall.  This well-researched article is a good article, with some statements that are disputable.  One example is that they state that lithium batteries are flammable.  The LFP cells now used in battery storage systems are low to not flammable.  There are

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2023-10-18 Tesla’s 120 Acre Ecological Restoration Some info from Joe T Patreon NEWS: Tesla has revealed a 120-acre Giga Texas ecological uplift project. Planting: Restoring natural habitats in historically depleted mining site Soil Amendment: Restructuring of depleted soil to bring into healthy state to support plant restoration Shallow Water Habitat Grading Water Usage

2023-08-24 Texas Approves Two Tesla VPPs – Virtual Power Plants

This is exciting! The VPPs are going to make liars out of those badmouthers who say that renewables will never be able to run the grid without fossil fuel power plants. We need many more VPPs! Quote: “”PUCT says that there is already 2.3 GW of capacity from small energy storage devices in Texas and

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2023-07-19 Jeff Goodell “The Heat Will Kill You First”

A 20 min. YouTube interview of Jeff Goodell on his book The Heat Will Kill You First”. He tells how your body dies from excessive heat. Right now high temperature records are being broken in most parts of the US. Heat kills more people than other weather events.

2023-06-20 Bureaucracy – California vs. Texas

I agree that there is a lot of bureaucracy in California. But it’s there for a reason – many reasons. I think Texas will eventually be the same way when their population continues to grow.

2022-04-30 Texas Goes Big With Renewables

What’s amazing about Texas is that such a large amount of renewables, especially wind, has been brought online in the last decade. There’s over 30 GW of wind power alone. That’s like a dozen full size power plants. Also it’s amazing how much water is used by conventional thermal power plants. quote: << Reloj del

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2022-04-17 Texas Is A Walled Garden Of Bigotry And Hatred

I love this article. It starts with: (quote) << Texas is a walled garden of bigotry and hatred. It prides itself on telling people what they can and cannot think, say, or do in the name of freedom. For instance, it is so intent on avoiding federal regulations, it has built an entire electrical grid

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2022-03-08 Largest Green Hydrogen Plant In So. Texas

World’s largest green hydrogen plant planned to open in Duval County, So. Texas in 2026. It will be powered by 60 GW of renewable energy and store the hydrogen in underground salt caverns in Piedras Pintas.

2022-02-08 Why Texans Don’t Have Power

This is why 70,000 Texans are without power after the freeze this week. Nice to know that Gov. Abbot is sacrificing Texans for money. More about the (un)reliability of the Texas natural gas supply and why it’s not as cheap as renewables plus storage.

Texas Anti-abortion Law Is Suspended

A judge ordered the Texas Anti-abortion law suspended.

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