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2023-12-25 Consumptive Water Use For US Power Production

This technical report from NREL dated 2003 discusses the water consumed by thermoelectric power plants. It’s a .PDF available online from the US government.

2022-05-11 Wind Turbines Can Stabilize The Grid

NREL and GE develop the system.

Wind Turbines Can Stabilize The Grid “Base”

It’s about time they *prove* that those cynics who claim that “the grid will never be able to run without fossil fuel plants” are just telling pants-on-fire lies! Demonstration of “virtual synchronous generator”.

2021-11-08 Boosting Transmission Betw. East, West Grids – NREL

NREL study said boosting transmission between the eastern and western grids would save money. The dirty, rotten, evil Trump administration held up the NREL report because they thought it would harm the coal industry. They tried to kill the Earth with coal!

2021-05-19 Renewables Plus Storage Are Outcompeting Conventional Power

From YouTube replies @Aleksandrs Naumovs I forgot to mention PPAs. The utilities are entering into power purchase agreements with solar and wind contractors for per kWh rates that are lower than conventional thermal power plants. These often include short term 4 to 8 hour storage. Any new generation has to compete against renewables plus storage

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2021-03-22 LCOE Levelized Cost Of Energy – NREL

From FB reply Nuclear power plants are too expensive and are being taken out of service and decommissioned. The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station is being decommissioned at a cost of 4.4 billion dollars and will take 20 years. LCOE levelized cost of energy is how a utility judges its generating assets. Nuclear and conventional

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