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2021-04-30 Vaccination “Wait And See” Is OVER

The “wait and see” is over! 100 million Americans have had at least one dose. Over half of all American adults have been vaccinated. Get vaccinated! The wait and see is over!

2021-04-30 Circuit Won’t Oscillate At UHFs

From FB post Apr 29 Joshua E. Hrouda I trained on Radar repair in the Army, and since then I’ve known that circuits with ‘lumped constants’ have problems with parasitic capacitance and inductance above a few hundred MHz. But I experimented with this circuit anyway. I think Colin should say, instead of ‘tight’, that the

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2021-04-29 Solar Is “Insanely Cheapest Energy” Quote: “We’ve got to the point where solar is the cheapest source of energy in the world in most places. This means we’ve been trying to model a situation where the grid looks totally different today.” ” This rapid radical reduction in the price of PV solar is a story about Chinese industrial might

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2021-04-28 It’s The Right Of Everyone To Protect Themselves Against The CoVID19

You have the right to refuse being vaccinated. You do *not* have the right to infect anyone with a deadly virus! But everyone has the right to protect themselves, their family, their friends, their coworkers, their business, their patrons, their students and anywhere where people congregate against this deadly virus. That’s why it’s their right

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2021-04-28 Biden’s Approval Rating NOT “Lowest In American History” From FB Quote: “It’s pretty clear most Republicans made up their minds long ago and won’t change them, regardless of how well Biden does. Just like they decided to worship Trump and nothing — not his incompetence, his ignorance, his criminality, his treason — changed their minds. Whatever motivates them is far deeper than

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2021-04-28 Ted Cruz Hypocritical Of Dems

Ted Cruz is the pot calling the kettle black in this Politifact article. A commenter said, “They know their base has zero critical thinking skills, selective short-term memory and will believe whatever they are fed. It’s pathetic.”

2021-04-28 Colpitts Oscillator For FM BCB

This is a low power oscillator using an air core coil and silver mica capacitors for stability. Parts values are subject to the frequency needed. There is no modulation. For FM the 10 pF capacitor would be lower and include a reverse biased diode as a varicap in parallel. The audio should be across this

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2021-04-27 Put Solar Panels On California’s Canals

This article is about research on putting solar panels over the aqueducts that bring water to So. California. Good idea. There is one issue: getting the power from the solar panels to where it can be used. If there are transmission lines next to the canal then that would be the place to start.

2021-04-26 Tesla Battery Production And Resource Supply And Demands

From YT comment to Cleanerwatt With 2 GFs coming online this year and expansion in Shanghai, there will be less constraints on battery production. But the increased demand on lithium, nickel and other battery components is likely to cause costs to rise, thus negating any savings in manufacturing. This is a problem that will be

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2021-04-24 LADWP’s Plans For Intermountain (Coal) Power Plant

This is a .PDF document from the CPUC about LADWP’s future plans for converting the IPP coal fired power plant in Utah to a solar and wind generating facility, a green hydrogen generation and underground storage site, replacing the coal plant with CCGTs – combined cycle gas turbine generators that will run on hydrogen, and

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