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2019-01-15 2nd FM Microphone Kit Assembled

I ordered some other FM Microphone kits, and assembled one last week. This is a better one, labeled EEQKIT RF-02FM VER170525. It has three transistors, one of which is a microphone preamp and it should perform much better. The kit also has a jack that will allow you to plug in a stereo signal from

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2019-01-08 99 Cent Wireless Microphone Kit Assembly

2018-01-08 also FB group Building Transistor Radios Before the Xmas holidays I ordered a few of these at 99 cents apiece, and they gave a delivery date of late Jan to early Feb, so I was pleasantly surprised to get them early. There are many of these single transistor microphones around, either as schematics or

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2018-11-25 One Transistor FM Receiver Schematic Part 1

From FB group Building Transistor Radios Larry Daniel 2018-11-26 This is the original schematic posted by Larry. GM is a gimmick capacitor made of two short lengths of solid hookup wire, twisted together for a few pF capacitance. List of RF Chokes for the ham bands Larry said he used an RCA SK1008, then corrected

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2018-11-17 Cause Of Bleedover From Radio Stations

from FB group Building Transistor Radios 2018-11-19 IMPORTANT I used to work for a guy who did radio engineering and would troubleshoot problems such as this ‘bleedover’. For convenience some radio stations colocate their transmitters near or at the same site. Because the signal strengths are very high, the two stations can cross modulate their

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2017-06-19 FM Receiver Kit  With Hex3653 Chip

I ordered these kits Several weeks ago and they finally arrived today.  I opened up the package and found several parts rattling around loose in the box.  I found one bag had been cut open, and whoever slit it didn’t tape or staple it closed. I got to work and assembled one of the kits

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2014-01-13 Coil For FM Microphone

I think I built one of these years ago but it must be buried in a box somewhere, probably in a pile of boxes in the garage. It’s a FM microphone transmitter, of which I have several, built from kits and from scratch. But this one was unique in that I built it with a

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