2021-04-26 Tesla Battery Production And Resource Supply And Demands

From YT comment to Cleanerwatt

With 2 GFs coming online this year and expansion in Shanghai, there will be less constraints on battery production. But the increased demand on lithium, nickel and other battery components is likely to cause costs to rise, thus negating any savings in manufacturing. This is a problem that will be worsened by the demands for batteries from other EV makers like VW.

There is a serious problem with China limiting raw materials exports in favor of domestic use. The rest of the world needs to develop resources to reduce dependence on China.

Tesla EVs have a very high resale value. Buying one now and later selling it or trading it in with reasonably low mileage will give you back most of your money. Or by that time Tesla may have started autonomous ride hailing and there will be greater demand for used Tesla EVs so resale value may be even higher, especially for well maintained EVs.

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