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from FB group Vintage transistor Radios April 3 Are all ‘polyvaricon’ tuning capacitors the same? They’re all about the same size. Charles Vesser Japan Industry Standard… The few that I have examined were 140 pF antenna and about 70 pF oscillator. In parallel give 210 pF. They’re probably made to match up with the loopstick

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2018-12-26 UHF Oscillator

I built an oscillator using the same circuit used for the FM wireless microphone. The difference is that the capacitors and inductors are much smaller in value and the 1 transistor is a 2SC3355 which can oscillate at several gigahertz. I did this to see how high a frequency I could attain with just discrete

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2018-01-08 RF Oscillator For AM Band

For FB group Building Transistor Radios When I started building regen receivers, the first thing I found I needed was a simple  signal generator.  I have a function generator, but every time I want a different frequency, I had to readjust the controls.  So I built a few RF oscillators to put close to the

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2017-09-21 Kid Was Totally Into Telephone Central Offices

Posted to FB Antique Telephones group as a reply to Kevin J. Fitzgerald  I helped some students in our computer lab, and one high school kid, I think his name was Robert, was totally into phones.  He had written a Basic program that printed a list out, with the various exchanges in the 714 area

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2014-01-13 Coil For FM Microphone

I think I built one of these years ago but it must be buried in a box somewhere, probably in a pile of boxes in the garage. It’s a FM microphone transmitter, of which I have several, built from kits and from scratch. But this one was unique in that I built it with a

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