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2022-03-24 Republicans Turn SCOTUS Hearing Into Circus

Republicans turn Ketanji Brown Jackson Senate confirmation hearings into a circus. This was shameful.

2021-09-10 SCOTUS’s Shadow Docket

The Supreme Court’s shadow docket and its ramifications for the executive branch.

2021-04-28 Ted Cruz Hypocritical Of Dems

Ted Cruz is the pot calling the kettle black in this Politifact article. A commenter said, “They know their base has zero critical thinking skills, selective short-term memory and will believe whatever they are fed. It’s pathetic.”

2020-10-16 Rhodes Alumni Disown Coney Barrett

They’re not happy campers with her appointment to SCOTUS. Barrett graduated magna cum laude, meaning she is an intelligent person. Being intelligent does not mean you cannot be misinformed or uninformed. Some newsmedia said she may be associated with a religious cult.

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