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2022-04-05 Republicans Vote Against Reducing The Price Of Insulin

There were 195 Republicans who voted against the reduction of insulin prices for those who are insured. Over 200 Republicans voted against the decriminalization of marijuana even though most citizens want pot to be decriminalized. Brian Tyler Cohen’s No Lie video

2022-03-09 Oil Companies Are Gouging American Drivers

The oil companies have raised prices and made record profits, at the expense of American consumers. Republicans are trying to blame Biden for high gas prices. Brian Tyler Cohen explains in this video. Politifact fact checked this. Republicans are trying to blame high gas prices on Biden. It’s a typical underhanded political ruse that

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2022-01-25 Republicans Use Two Santa Clauses SCAM

This is an interesting theory.

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2021-09-02 Republicans Love Big Government

Republicans say they’re the party of limited government; Yet they want government to interfere with a woman’s choice and ban abortions. Republicans say they’re the party of limited government; Yet they want government to make it more difficult for voters to vote. Republicans say they’re the party of limited government; Yet they try to dictate

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2021-07-29 Republicans Hate Educated People

I wrote:Actually they hate educated people, because the more people know, the less likely they are to vote for Republicans. Their whole premise is to treat people like mushrooms: keep them in the dark and feed them BS! <<They hate anything that makes sense, is positive, is good for the country, scientific, educational, …>> <<They

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2021-06-14 Republicans Shrug Off Warnings Democracy In Peril

This seems outright diabolical. Quote: << “Statutory changes in large key electoral battleground states are dangerously politicizing the process of electoral administration, with Republican-controlled legislatures giving themselves the power to override electoral outcomes on unproven allegations,” 188 scholars said in a statement expressing concern about the erosion of democracy. >> What I see is

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2021-04-28 Ted Cruz Hypocritical Of Dems

Ted Cruz is the pot calling the kettle black in this Politifact article. A commenter said, “They know their base has zero critical thinking skills, selective short-term memory and will believe whatever they are fed. It’s pathetic.”

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