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2021-02-06 Truth In News: Dominion & Smartmatic Suits Re: False Election Claims

Finally someone is doing something about the false claims of election fraud. This ‘Pillow Guy’ Mike Lindell’s ranting had to be cut off by News Max. There is one point these false claims ignore: The ballots were recounted manually and the results of both manual and machines agreed. How can the Trumpsters claim that the

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2021-01-25 Put Vets Before Illegals

From my FB reply: I don’t see why there has to be a choice between one or the other. I’m a veteran and I don’t believe any veteran should be mistreated or abandoned. The same with those who have suffered mistreatment or abandonment, many of whom are in the US illegally – there are more

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2021-01-19 Court Stops Trump EPA Emissions Rollback

We should be relieved that another of Trump’s assault on the laws was stopped by the courts. Trump tried to politicize the science and laws that were meant to protect the health of people and the Earth.

2021-01-11 Trump Silenced By Social Media

Trump’s Twitter account was suspended at least until after the inauguration. Facebook and Instagram shut him off, too. Amazon, Apple, Google and others blocked Parler, a social media which allows radicals to post, and bills itself as Twitter without rules. It’s so disappointing to see the amount of turmoil that this desperate excuse of a

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2021-01-08 Should Trump Be Removed From Office?

Well, I think that there are problems with removing Trump from office. There is discussion about invoking the 25th Amendment. If Trump was declared unfit then Pence would become president. Then Pence would probably do what Gerald Ford did for Nixon, Pence could pardon Trump. So I think the 25th is a bad idea. Is

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2021-01-06 Pro Trump Crowds Storm Capitol

<< “The danger here is the President is saying people are angry out there; people think fraud has been committed. Why? It’s because the President of the United States is putting out a fraudulent statement; a false statement to make people angry and then he can cite the anger as a reason why the vote

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2020-01-05 An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg From Lenny Pozner

This letter published in July 2018 by The Guardian, the last paragraph was quoted by the 60 Minutes article about the lies and conspiracy theories that have been spread about the Sandy Hook tragedy and other incidents. Noah Pozner, Lenny’s son, died in the shootings. This conspiracy theory was promoted by radical conspiracy theorist Alex

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2020-12-08 GM Streetcar Conspiracy

The blog in the link said, “The demise of the “Red Cars” was not a conspiracy, as some (including the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit) suggest. It was just a matter of the unavoidable market forces of supply and demand, combined with the march of time and technology.” This is false according to the

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2020-12-03 Purdue Pharma Dept of Justice Case

The Purdue Pharma Co. will have to have to become a PBC (public benefit company) as part of its settlement over the federal opioid lawsuit. There are billion dollar fines too.

2020-11-07 Republicans Angry – Trump Admin Fires 3 Officials

It’s not just the Democrats who are disappointed and angry with the Trump administration’s firing of 3 government officials. The Republicans are angry, too. There is no reason why these career officials should be fired or demoted. Trump has nominated lobbyists, industry insiders and campaign contributors to jobs in the government and they and Trump

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