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2020-08-16 Presidential Emergency Action Documents

An article on CBS Sunday Morning, 2020 Aug 16, by Ted Koppel These PEADs were classified documents during the Cold War. Ted Koppel asked Prof. John Yoo, who worked at the Dept. Of Justice, about them and Yoo said he wasn’t allowed to say(!) These proclamations allow the president to declare an emergency, suspend constitutional

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2020-07-28 Solar Power & Afghan Opium Production; Renewables vs. Other

Solar Power Has Transformed Afghan Opium Production This crazy story isn’t one that’s for the better. But Solar power has transformed the poppy growers in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Crazy world. Renewables Outpaced Coal and Nuclear to start 2020.

2020-07-27 Trump defies SCOTUS Order Regarding DACA; Bioterrorism?

No, he can’t do that. What part of NO doesn’t he understand? What does the government have to do to get the executive branch of government to comply with the Supreme Court’s order? Does the Supreme Court have to declare that the chief executive is in contempt of court? Does the Supreme Court have to

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