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2021-04-07 Commentary On Republicans’ Use Of Voter Fraud To Justify Restrictive Voter Laws

It’s plainly obvious that the Republicans are using the false narrative of voter fraud to justify their passing restrictive voter laws in Republican controlled states. The prime example of this is Georgia, where organizations are threatening to leave the state because the governor signed a new voter law. The Republicans are now lashing back at

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2021-03-31 Fatal Shooting City Of Orange

Not much information. Update April 1 – the Orange PD had a news conference this morning at 10 AM and gave very few details, saying the investigation was ongoing. They gave the name of the suspect but all victims were not identified. The suspect and victims had a personal and/or business relationship; it was

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2021-03-23 Life After CoVID19 Isn’t Fair

From FB comment Seems that we already have most of those except term limits. Since Congress determines laws regarding their own term limits, it’s unlikely that will happen. The way that is most likely to happen is with a constitutional amendment. I’m not sure that drug screening before welfare would be of much help. If

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2021-03-16 Lofgren Releases Report Of Repub’s Tweets

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D – Calif) released a nearly 2000 page report compiling social media posts about the 2020 election from House Republicans who voted to overturn the results. The report lays out how some Republicans relentlessly pushed misinformation and conspiracy theories about election fraud, and kept at it even after Trump supporters attacked the

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2021-03-06 SK Stole LG’s Battery Secrets – USITC

The US Trade Commission has said that SK has misappropriated 22 of LG’s battery secrets. The US will ban SK from importing for ten years. LG wanted to negotiate a settlement but SK is begging Pres. Biden to veto the decision. This is interesting because there is high demand for batteries for EVs and it’s

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2021-02-16 Trump’s Immigration Zero Tolerance Policy Separating Families

FB is full of Trump apologists trying to claim that he was no worse than Obama or Bush. From FB comment Greg Swan Said, “Obama separated plenty of families at the border…” You asserted plenty of families. Not what the link said. No where near the amounts of the zero tolerance Trump administration. I’m sick

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2021-02-13 Trump’s 2nd Impeachment, 2nd Acquittal

A friend asked me what I thought about the results of the second impeachment. I had seen the newsmedia that said that they had talked to some of the Republicans and there was a consensus that there would not be the two-thirds of the votes needed to convict Trump. So when the final votes were

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2021-02-12 Fake News, False Accusations On Trial

I have blogged about the ‘alternate truth’ from the extreme Right. This article is about Michael Mann’s defamation lawsuit against a blogger and an author in a conservative magazine. They have not been able to prove that Mann’s ‘hockey stick’ showing global warming is in error. The climate change deniers have used the same tactics

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2021-02-06 Truth In News: Dominion & Smartmatic Suits Re: False Election Claims

Finally someone is doing something about the false claims of election fraud. This ‘Pillow Guy’ Mike Lindell’s ranting had to be cut off by News Max. There is one point these false claims ignore: The ballots were recounted manually and the results of both manual and machines agreed. How can the Trumpsters claim that the

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2021-01-25 Put Vets Before Illegals

From my FB reply: I don’t see why there has to be a choice between one or the other. I’m a veteran and I don’t believe any veteran should be mistreated or abandoned. The same with those who have suffered mistreatment or abandonment, many of whom are in the US illegally – there are more

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