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2023-07-24 Trump Veiled Threats Before Indictments

BTC – Brian Tyler Cohen’s YouTube channel has an 8 min. video about Trump’s threats on Truth Social. You can listen to Trump’s very own voice threaten us at the 2:20 point in this video. Update Aug 4; Trump threatened on Truth social “”If you go after me, I will come after you””

2022-04-30 Politics Matter When It Comes To EV Manufacturing

Politics in China, India, Europe all matter.

2021-10-06 90+% In ICUs Are Unvaccinated; Other Lies

90 to 95% of patients in ICUs are unvaccinated. ***** The Israel data on tik tok are lies. No evidence that vaccinations cause deaths. ***** Sen. Johnson is a liar and a member of the Cult of the Big Lie. Trump is the cult leader.

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