2020-10-21 Wiring Harnesses And Automation

I worked at a company that built automated test equipment for assembling cables and wiring harnesses. During the year I was there they sent reps to Detroit to help GM build wiring harnesses for Buicks. This was in 1980 and GM was using relays to implement the logic system to assure that the wiring harness was assembled correctly. This was when most wiring harnesses were assembled manually on a sheet of plywood with nails driven into it. So changing to our automated harness testers was a big step up from the old way. The whole reason for using our automated harness testers was to speed up assembly.

So I was watching Now You Know which has a lot of information about Tesla and I was kind of surprised when I read this. I would’ve thought that in 40 years the manufacture of wiring harnesses would have become highly automated. But I guess not.

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