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2024-05-29 Solar Panel Controller To Charge Lead-Acid Battery

This is a simple charge controller that includes a dump load to dissipate excess power from the PV panel.  D1 is the reference voltage that feed the 393 comparators, and its forward voltage changes with temperature.  It would be better to use a low power LM317 to give a stable 1.25 volts. Instead of a

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2024-05-26 Researchers Invent Mini Tuneable YIG Filter 3.4 to 11 GHz for 6G Datacomm

This is an interesting article: mainly about a miniature Tuneable YIG – yttrium-iron-garnet – filter that could replace many fixed filters. Quote “”Wireless devices use different filters for different frequencies, with the effect that covering all frequencies or bands requires large numbers of filters that take up substantial space. (The typical smartphone includes upwards of

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2024-05-24 It’s A Full WAVE Bridge Rectifier!

I thank him for explaining that it’s *not* a “full bridge rectifier”!!

2024-05-16 Delta-Sigma Modulator Using 555 IC And Current Source

This circuit is used for converting an analog signal into a digital pulse stream.  Such things as class D audio amplifiers, servo amplifiers, A to D converters, or sending an analog signal across a fiber optic link. The Schematic and explanation here in this webpage. The output signal is shown as audio modulated onto

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2024-05-13 Autonomous Solar Tracking System

For each direction of travel, it consists of two solar cells connected in parallel opposing to a motor that’s geared down to turn the tracking so both solar cells are in the shade.

2024-05-11 New Capacitor With 19 Times Power Density Could Help EV Batteries Last Longer

It looks like this supercapacitor could quickly charge and discharge, thus reducing the cycles on the EV battery.

2024-05-05 Tesla’s New Dojo AI Super-chip Will Be 40 Times More Powerful

A 5 min. YouTube video.  Sam the Electric Viking said that the supercomputer is now in New York.  There will be a new AI data center (being built) in Gigafactory Texas. 

2024-04-20 RCWL-0516 Microwave Doppler Motion Sensor Module Schematic KO4BB

The modules use both the RCWL-9616 and the BISS-0001 but it seems the schematics are all labeled BISS-0001.  The parts values are different.  He gives some good information about them.  They operate at 3.5 and 3.98 GHz – the ones I have were advertised at 5 GHz.  Also he shows his own version that uses a

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2024-04-10 FM Regenerative Receiver Using MPF102 JFET

A basic one transistor regen receiver uses an MPF102 JFET to give the regenerative gain.  Also uses two transistors to amplify the audio to drive an earphone.  How to Build an FM Radio Receiver

2024-04-08 The 555 Timer Chip Was Not Named After The Three 5k Resistors Inside

The 555 timer chip has been extremely popular for over 50 years.  The 555 number was assigned by Hans Kamenzind; it was not named after the Three 5k Resistors. This 1 min YouTube short explains.

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