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2021-06-12 Switch Mode Power Supply Items To Check

From FB group electronics parts Joshua E. Hrouda There also is a high value resistor from the rectified and filtered DC to the base of the power transistor. This can change value. After this resistor bootstraps the transistor into oscillation, there js a winding, a rectifier diode and filter capacitor that powers the base. Make

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2017-09-20 Use LM7805 To Charge Phone?

I posted this comment to FB Arduino group 2017-09-22. “Can I use a 7805 (regulator IC) to charge my cell phone?” The output is 5 volts, which is what the phone needs to charge.  But the average smart phone will take more than 1 amp, up to 2 amps to charge quickly.  The 7805 can’t

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2017-06-08 AD Has ADP5090

Ever since I’ve been experimenting with Joule Thiefs I’ve done so with the intention of using the circuit for boosting a low voltage source to power a higher voltage circuit.  So I think this Analog Devices ADP5090 is very useful for doing just that: powering circuits up to 200 mW from very low voltage power

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2014-12-09 Power Bank Recharges USB Devices

I have been working on my own “Power Bank” for recharging my cell phone.  I went to the NOCCC Computer Club meeting last Sunday and to the Mobile Computing meeting.  Ben, who started this meeting, decided that he wanted to buy some ‘power bank’ USB chargers for himself, family and friends.  He could’ve got then

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