2020-12-06 Structurally Integrated Batteries

Also left a comment on JHAT Dec 6.

Structural batteries and also integration with motors is a fascinating subject. But it suffers from the same problems that the integrated circuits suffered from over the last several decades. Before the integrated circuits could be highly integrated, the optimal structure had to be determined. Things like 8, 16, 32, 64 bit word sizes had to be determined. The technologies behind memory, cache, registers and other specialized architectures had to be optimized.

The same situation affects an integrated structural power system. Optimum shapes and sizes of fuselage and wings in an airplane have to be determined. And for airplanes the skin has to be conductive to be lightning-proof. Another major hurdle is how to make the structural batteries changeable so they can be replaced when they are worn out. If the structural batteries are like other highly integrated systems they could take decades to develop. Meanwhile climate change is relentlessly making the planet worse, so it looks like we humans will have to sacrifice technology for our survival as we battle flooding and desertification. It’s not a serene future.

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