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2024-05-16 Delta-Sigma Modulator Using 555 IC And Current Source

This circuit is used for converting an analog signal into a digital pulse stream.  Such things as class D audio amplifiers, servo amplifiers, A to D converters, or sending an analog signal across a fiber optic link. The Schematic and explanation here in this webpage. The output signal is shown as audio modulated onto

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2024-05-05 Tesla’s New Dojo AI Super-chip Will Be 40 Times More Powerful

A 5 min. YouTube video.  Sam the Electric Viking said that the supercomputer is now in New York.  There will be a new AI data center (being built) in Gigafactory Texas. 

2024-04-08 The 555 Timer Chip Was Not Named After The Three 5k Resistors Inside

The 555 timer chip has been extremely popular for over 50 years.  The 555 number was assigned by Hans Kamenzind; it was not named after the Three 5k Resistors. This 1 min YouTube short explains.

2024-03-22 The 555 Chip Under Microscope

The NE555 and some interesting information about it.  A YouTube short by @Evilmonkeyzdesignz.

2024-03-18  2104 DRAM Memory Delidded, Under Microscope

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2023-08-30 The Apple //e Memory Is Not Tested For Errors

Long ago, I was typing away on my Apple //e and Applewrite, and I noticed that one of the words was misspelled – instead of garden it said farden. So I corrected it and went on. Then later, I noticed it was still misspelled! So I corrected it, and went on. Just out of curiosity,

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2023-08-24 What Goes On Inside A Semi Wafer Fab

Asianometry’s YouTube channel has some of the most interesting and informative videos on semiconductor manufacturing and the history of electronics. He also has a catalog of his videos. Here is one which everyone who owns a smartphone or PC should watch to find out what is inside of their device.

2023-08-12 Moore’s Law Is Dead? – Sabine

Sabine Hossenfelder goes over the history and ways that Moore’s Law may still make progress. Also a few good comments.

2023-08-07 Auto ECM Electronic Repair – A New Business Opportunity

This is a quote from a post in a group about auto ECM – electronic control module – repair. “”Andrew Brown 12h To the young budding electronics techs out there – listen up. This is a potential opportunity for you to build a decent business with pretty dedicated customers. (No involvement on my part.) The

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2023-06-27 The Reasons Behind The Chip Shortage (Sabine)

Very good video about the chip shortage. There were fires in several plants, natural disasters like the earthquake in Fukushima, and too much dependence on only a few factories. We need to prevent this from happening again.

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