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2018-03-02 One Transistor AM Radio

FB group Building Transistor Radios In JF1OZL’s voluminous archive I found his version of a MW receiver.  It is labeled [2] …. MW-RADIO (see link).  He used a long wire antenna, and an IF transformer with the ceramic capacitor removed for the tuning coil.  He also said to use a ferrite loopstick, which is what

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2018-01-09 Regenerative Radios Are Too Difficult

For FB group Building Transistor Radios Bob Johansen After building several of the regenerative receivers, I think I figured out the reason why regens are so difficult.  The circuit has to do so much with very few parts.  If one part value is changed to improve one thing, it adversely affects something else.  The tickler

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2017-12-30 Zenith Royal 755LK

I tried to to post this to the FB group Vintage Transistor Radios, but the FB app crashed and I lost several lines of my typing.  Makes me angry! The radio was not making any sound.  I removed the chassis from the case.  I found the ‘battery saver’ slide switch had been forced apart.  I

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2017-12-16 Olympic 860 Radio Capacitor Replacement 

I was the only bidder on a lot of three radios, one of them is an Olympic model 860 AM transistor radio.  This radio uses four AA cells for a total of 6 volts DC. Overall the radio is in good condition – no chips or cracks.  I powered it up and if I turned

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2017-12-15  Royal 500 Capacitors Replaced

From FB group Electronics Hobbyists, regarding the Zenith Royal 500 radios. Clyde Hendrickson  There are two 50 uF, 10V electrolytic capacitors under the battery holder.  Replace them with 47 uF, 10 or 16 volts. There is also a smaller capacitor next to the other, it might be a 3 uF, or a 16 uF, 10V.

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2017-11-19 Royal 510 PCB hairline crack 

For FB group Vintage Transistor Radios  Speaking of fuzzy garbled audio…  I won another auction for a Zenith “Royal 510” which I’d never heard of.  It turned out to be a Royal 250.  The seller got no bids at all, so with less than a minute left I bid the minimum ten dollars. I got

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2017-11-15 Zenith Royal 755 Vintage Radio Excellent 

From FB group Vintage Transistor Radios  I’m flabbergasted.  I received the Zenith Royal 755 I won last week – auction link is below.  the seller said repair/parts, but I’m amazed at how good a shape it’s in!  I suspect that it was in storage for most of its life.  The leather case is nearly new,

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2017-11-04 Zenith Royal 500 Fixed Part Way

I got another Zenith Royal 500 at auction, I think it was $20 but the shipping cost a lot.  I got it out and tried it out.  I found the battery contacts were in good condition.  The battery compartment was missing the cover.  It came with a leather case, so that will stop the batteries

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2017-08-15 1950s Astor 7 Transistor Radio

2017-08-03 Wood Radio Cabinets

From FB comment in group Vintage Transistor Radios   I think we like the look of wood because of some primeval instinct from our distant past. Perhaps it has something to do with the trees being protective, under which we could take shelter during rain or shine. Or perhaps those prehistoric people who survived longer

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