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2017-08-15 1950s Astor 7 Transistor Radio

2017-08-03 Wood Radio Cabinets

From FB comment in group Vintage Transistor Radios   I think we like the look of wood because of some primeval instinct from our distant past. Perhaps it has something to do with the trees being protective, under which we could take shelter during rain or shine. Or perhaps those prehistoric people who survived longer

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2017-06-19 FM Receiver Kit  With Hex3653 Chip

I ordered these kits Several weeks ago and they finally arrived today.  I opened up the package and found several parts rattling around loose in the box.  I found one bag had been cut open, and whoever slit it didn’t tape or staple it closed. I got to work and assembled one of the kits

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2017-06-13 Another Regen Receiver Built – Success!

The previous regenerative receivers I’ve built have been 27 MHz, but they have not been successful, they haven’t received a decent verifiable signal other than the very strong one I made with a dip meter.  So this time I would build a regenerative receiver that is much lower frequency, and I chose 10.000 MHz because

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