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2024-03-30 MX20T Link Switch Port Tester

A long time ago when we were going to Cat5 UTP, I had a lot of these MX20Ts left over.  So I made up a 15 pin plug with the negative 9VDC on pin 6 and positive on pin 13, and soldered the wires to the battery contacts.  I taped the battery to the back

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2024-02-21 Website for Electronics – Very Comprehensive

This very comprehensive electronics website has many projects with useful devices.  This example project is a transistor curve tracer.  Go to the index and look at the many, many links.  It seems to be at the ETH in Switzerland but some of the words are in ?Thai?

2024-02-17 BJT, FET Curve Tracer

This very comprehensive website has a transistor and FET Curve tracer.  Also a simpler curve tracer for all components.  Click on box to download the schematic, etc.

2023-11-27 RCA BFO Audio Oscillator Photos

Chuck commented about the audio oscillator being a BFO, and it reminded me that I’ve got an old RCA BFO audio oscillator stuck away in the garage. It was a cheap way of getting an audio sine wave that covered the full audio band without any switching. Nowadays it’s all done in sine and other

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2023-11-14 My Supercharged Joule Thief At Devopedia

He uses my SJT circuit in his web page.

2023-10-30 Honda & High Tech 3D-Printed Metal Car Parts

Article Quote: “”The $99 million in Series C funding for Seurat is a good indication that the auto industry is bullish on 3D-printed car parts. Also referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing offers the potential to save energy, reduce waste, trim manufacturing timelines, increase throughput, and pump more flexibility into design and materials (check

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2023-08-07 Auto ECM Electronic Repair – A New Business Opportunity

This is a quote from a post in a group about auto ECM – electronic control module – repair. “”Andrew Brown 12h To the young budding electronics techs out there – listen up. This is a potential opportunity for you to build a decent business with pretty dedicated customers. (No involvement on my part.) The

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2023-04-18 Alligator V Crocodile Clips

This shows the difference between the crocodile clips and the alligator clips, and other test clips made for decades by Mueller company.

2022-04-07 Audible Light Meter

This circuit could be used for blind to sense light. It’s a similar circuit to the police siren. The two transistors have a current gain of 200 X 200 or 40,000 so even a very tiny Q1 base current – microamps – causes a very large Q2 collector current. So a very small amount of

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2022-03-02 Solder Dispensing Pen

I use this for holding solder while I hold the PCB and iron with my hands. I use my teeth to hold this pen.

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