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2023-11-12 Knee High Bench Or Seat I Built

I made it out of an Ikea drawer that someone broke up and threw away. A little over 16″ high. The seat is the front of the drawer, about 9″ wide and 16″ long. Mostly a charcoal color. Took a few hours; I probably spent an hour finding the right pieces and pulling the screws

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2022-02-21 Fab Lab Or GigaFactory? Or Both

Fab Lab = fabrication laboratory Do It Yourself.

2021-07-26 Nuclear Fusion Research Is A Waste Of Money

From FB comment Paddy Mendez The money spent on fusion research is wasted because thermonuclear fusion is *already* available, free of charge, to anyone who wants it. That wasted fusion money could have instead been spent on “pure scientific research” and “a great many advances [could] have come from them and many more to follow”

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2020-05-19 Transistor Tester And Other Components

Here is a writeup from another radio enthusiast about his newly purchased Mega 328 uC based component tester. They come in handy for testing electrolytic capacitors especially for ESR – equivalent series resistance. The tester will also test silicon and germanium transistors, handy for making a judgment on how leaky it is. I have a

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2018-09-11 Vectronics Aircraft Radio Kit

I got the Vectronics VEC-131K aircraft band radio kit in the mail yesterday and warmed up the soldering iron to assemble it. It came at a decent price, so some of my complaints seem to be cost cutting measures. It comes with a decent assembly instruction manual, but some of the pages including the schematic

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2018-07-20 My Digital Dice Were Loaded!

From FB group Building Transistor Radios, Jul 27 Rolando Fern√°ndez I bought a kit for a digital die (one die of a pair of dice). I assembled it and then I rolled the die many times and wrote down the values to see if it was random. I was shocked! It was loaded! It was

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2017-06-23 Transistor Tester Arrived

I received the transistor tester that I ordered a week or so ago.  I ordered this one preassembled (the price was only a few dollars more) and with the plastic case, which I have to assemble.  I ordered it from a seller on eBay for $20. This is different than the component tester I bought

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2017-06-19 FM Receiver Kit  With Hex3653 Chip

I ordered these kits Several weeks ago and they finally arrived today.  I opened up the package and found several parts rattling around loose in the box.  I found one bag had been cut open, and whoever slit it didn’t tape or staple it closed. I got to work and assembled one of the kits

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