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2021-07-29 Heathkit IP-18 Power Supply Re-Cap

Last week I saw an old Heathkit IP-18 power supply on eBay for $50 OBO, free shipping. I don’t really need another PS, but I’m a Heathkit builder and a big fan. So I offered $30, thinking the seller would not take it. But a few hours later the message came that the seller had

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2020-05-19 Transistor Tester And Other Components

Here is a writeup from another radio enthusiast about his newly purchased Mega 328 uC based component tester. They come in handy for testing electrolytic capacitors especially for ESR – equivalent series resistance. The tester will also test silicon and germanium transistors, handy for making a judgment on how leaky it is. I have a

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2018-09-11 Vectronics Aircraft Radio Kit

I got the Vectronics VEC-131K aircraft band radio kit in the mail yesterday and warmed up the soldering iron to assemble it. It came at a decent price, so some of my complaints seem to be cost cutting measures. It comes with a decent assembly instruction manual, but some of the pages including the schematic

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2018-05-13 My First Transistor Radio

From FB group Vintage Transistor Radios OMG, that was so long ago, I could never sort out which one. See, I was born with a soldering iron in my hand, and I fixed so many radios, I could never remember which one was one that I had. Most of the electronics I was given were

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