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2015-11-28 Recharging From Used Alkalines

I have often seen schematics of Joule Thief chargers for use in charging Ni-MH rechargeables from used alkaline cells. The idea is to boost the voltage of the used alkaline cell up to high enough to get current the flow into the Ni-MH cell. One setback is that conventional JTs are only 50% efficient, so

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2014-12-03 Battery Recovery Or Rebound

I culled through a bunch of AA and AAA cells to find any that were dying or nearly dead.  If I found any that were below 1.2 volts they were considered dying, and below 1 volt, they were considered dead.  I then put some of the dead ones into Joule Thiefs to suck out the

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2014-09-07 Flasher Battery Dies Early Death

I connected a AA cell to a “Pigeons Nest” flasher more than a year ago, and used it as a trip hazard marker when it’s dark.  The cell was a Kirkland brand from Costco.  This had been running up until the end of August, even though I had noticed some ‘hair’ building up on one

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