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2023-08-18 ?16 Years Into Termination Event Could End Ice Age?

The spike in atmospheric methane could be very similar to what has happened eons ago, an abrupt end to an ice age. The methane emissions from tropical wetlands, mainly in Africa, have been soaring since 2006.

2023-08-15 Methane – Natural Gas Is A Trojan Horse

FTE said, “Hydrogen has no role in the transition to sustainability. It is a fossil fuel Trojan horse designed to give natural gas a niche to survive in.” That statement is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. Like saying we can’t leave the barn door open after all the livestock has escaped! There’s nothing trojan about it,

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2023-08-15 Methane+Sunlight+ Catalyst = Emissions Free Hydrogen – Research

This sounds like it could be developed into a very important process. Methane + sunlight + boron nitride catalyst. The end products are hydrogen and just carbon – not CO2. So the carbon never enters the atmosphere, never becomes a greenhouse gas. Methane + Sunlight + Catalyst = Emissions-Free Hydrogen, Say UCF Researchers

2022-05-06 Methane Is Much Worse Than CO2

The world has a much more dangerous greenhouse gas than CO2 – it’s methane, also known as natural gas. And huge amounts are locked up in the environment, and may be released by global warming. Biofuelspk said, “… natural gas which is 84 times worse for climate change compared to CO2.” I’ve read the numbers

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2022-04-03 Methane Hydrate Could Kill Everything

Let us hope and pray that this doesn’t happen. It’s OMNICIDE – it could kill most life on Earth. Quote: << Suman Rao Post from a friend who is knowledgeable and is deeply concerned about the fate of humanity. ESAS is the East Siberian Arctic Shelf, where Dr. Natalia Shakhova and her teams quantified 1400GTs

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2022-03-06 Reducing Methane From Livestock, Cows

Methane is more than 25 times as potent a greenhouse gas as CO2, and cows are responsible for emitting much of it. The researchers are finding that feeding cattle red seaweed can dramatically reduce the amount of methane that cattle emit. This PBS Newshour video explains. .

2022-03-05 Satellites Sense Huge Methane Leaks On Earth

The sensors on new satellites can sense huge methane releases on Earth.

2022-02-25 Methane Leaks Are 70% Worse Than Reported

“Methane leaks are killing us”

2021-09-20 Cutting Methane Single Biggest To Keeping 1.5°C

Zaelke said, “Cutting methane is the single biggest and fastest way to slow warming in the next 2 decades.”


2021-05-08 Methane, Fossil Fuels In Livestock And Dairy Farming

From FB reply I’ve read there is research about feeding seaweed to livestock to reduce methane. The livestock industry has had manure digesters that produce enough power to run the dairy farms, and this is a mature technology. They could also run the farm equipment using compressed methane AKA natural gas. In any case the

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