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2021-05-22 RethinkX Rethinking The Future

In this hour YouTube video Tony Seba (RethinkX) talks about TaaS after the 37 minute point. He predicts 95% of passenger miles by TaaS in 2030. The car fleet will shrink 70%.

2021-04-12 TaaS, Autonomous Ride Hailing Externalities

From my Tesla Economist comment. I’m speaking from my viewpoint as a So. Californian, where cars are woven into the fabric of society. This view is about externalities that will have a major effect on the future of all of the vehicles and TaaS in the future. In So. Cal. gasoline is about $4 a

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2021-04-02 Limits On Total Numbers Of EVs Made

From FB TSLA group I’m not sure this chart is predicting realistic numbers. As a TSLA shareholder I hope it will be that way. But if we look at the amount of raw materials that will be needed for the hundreds of millions of batteries in the future, there is a point where obtaining enough

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