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2022-03-14 Can The Grid Handle Electric Vehicles?

Short answer: YES. He didn’t address the decrease in production, transportation and distribution of fossil fuels which will decrease the load on the grid. This could compensate for a substantial amount of the increase from EVs.

2022-02-07 Combinations Of Wind, Solar, Storage

“Cost minimized combinations of wind power, solar power and electrochemical storage, powering the grid 99.9% of the time” Abstract, article, .PDF

Rooftop Solar Makes S. Australia Hit Negative Demand

Rooftop solar makes South Australia the world’s first gigawatt-scale system to hit negative demand. One thing that angers me is that they said they may have to shut off some rooftop solar to cut back the supply. That “curtailment” should be made illegal. The law should require that all excess renewables generation be used to

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2020-09-03 Distributed Generation And Islanding

There is a lot of concern for safety when DGs (distributed generators) are connected to the power grid. The grid operators must ensure that none of the DGs feed back into the grid when the grid generator is not operating. They go through several scenarios in this article. From what I see the DG

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