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Scientists around the world have found unequivocally that

Scientists around the world have found unequivocally that the more we continue to emit heat-trapping greenhouse gases … , The worse the consequences will be for humans, most species and ecosystems on Earth.

2021-12-31 Scotland Almost 100% Clean Energy in 2020

Scotland missed the 100% clean electricity consumption by only 1.4%.

2021-12-31 What Would Australia Look Like Powered By 100% Renewable Energy?

The US would be much the same.

2021-12-31 Climate Change: T Or F — Outcome: Not Good Or Really Bad!

Climate change: true or false; outcome: not good or really bad!

2021-12-30 IEA Special Report Press Release ++

This IEA Special Report (free .PDF) gives the pathways to reach net zero by 2050. It plans for 1/5th supplied by nuclear.

2021-12-29 Rich Pay Fair Share Of Taxes?

The wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes due to loopholes. This fact check explains some of it. This is an opinion article but here is a quote: << Last year, America’s Gini Index was at 0.49, a tie for the highest on record. It’s not the absolute worst rating but it’s definitely

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2021-12-29 Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs Predictions

From a reply in FB group TSLA… Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be very common once the electric grids are powered predominantly by renewables. The price of hydrogen will conform to Wright’s Law and be so cheap that it will be competitive with BEVs. And due to the electric grid powering what is now still

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2021-12-29 Should You Resolve To Go Green?

Should your New Year’s resolution be to go green? You don’t need to subscribe to read this New Scientist article, just make a resolution to do one thing: for just one day a week, eat no meat. Simple, and easy to do. See the link at the bottom for why this is so important. If

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2021-12-28 Deadly Camp Fire Caused By Broken Insulator Hook

The deadly Camp fire where 86 people died was caused by a broken hook that was badly worn. PG&E was convicted of crimes for this and others. The company had to go bankrupt to protect its finances.

2021-12-28 Clean Hydrogen Gaining Use In Countries

They call green hydrogen low carbon hydrogen.

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