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2021-12-30 IEA Special Report Press Release ++

This IEA Special Report (free .PDF) gives the pathways to reach net zero by 2050. It plans for 1/5th supplied by nuclear.

2021-12-16 Climate Change Impacts – McKinsey

Quote: << The physical hazards posed by climate change have manifest humanitarian impacts. For example, in scenario-based analysis for Race to Resilience, a campaign led by the UN High-Level Climate Champions, McKinsey found that in a 2.0°C world, roughly a billion more people would be exposed to climate hazards than in a 1.5°C world. In

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2021-04-03 Getting To Net Zero Cost $50 Trillion

Will we ever get there? We must get the government to intervene. Quote from Guardian article – link below << Under the current system the costs, says Fancy, are simply too high and the benefits of conducting business as usual are too great. A 2019 Morgan Stanley study found that getting to net zero by

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