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2024-05-10 Flexitarian Diet Helps Limit Global Heating, Study Finds

This is extremely important, but it has been politically charged so that anyone who suggests cutting back on meat gets accused of political extremism.  That’s an absolute shame! A quote: “”In the US, agriculture accounts for more than 10% of total GHG emissions. Most of it comes from livestock. Reducing meat consumption can free up

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2023-10-25 US Subsidies For Meat, Etc.

A quick Google search for “US meat subsidies” turned up this:$38B/year in meat and dairy subsidies, $17M/year for fruits and vegetables. —————————- Direct corn ethanol subsidies are lower, around $100M. But indirectly, the renewable portfolio standard forces fuel companies to subsidize ethanol by mandating it. Perennial grass ethanol has not advanced as

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2023-10-20 Ammonia From Farms Behind 60% Of UK PM2.5 Air Pollution – Study

Ammonia from farms, along with NOx, make up 40% of PM2.5 air pollution in other developed countries. The people should cut back on meat and dairy consumption – eat meat once a week.

2022-03-09 6 Key Changes Help Avert Climate Crisis

A study finds that just six key lifestyle changes can help avert the climate crisis. This is a Guardian article and it has this list of the 6. Quote: << The Jump campaign asks people to sign up to take the following six “shifts” for one, three or six months: • Eat a largely plant-based

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2022-01-11 McDonald’s Beef Hamburgers At Odds With Cutting Emissions

Hold the beef! McDonald’s is just one of many fast food chains that need to cut beef consumption. They should replace beef with more sustainable meat like chicken. The article suggests McDonald’s is greenwashing. Quote: << In recent years, the company announced big sustainability initiatives but climate experts who reviewed McDonald’s plans and data say

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2021-12-29 Should You Resolve To Go Green?

Should your New Year’s resolution be to go green? You don’t need to subscribe to read this New Scientist article, just make a resolution to do one thing: for just one day a week, eat no meat. Simple, and easy to do. See the link at the bottom for why this is so important. If

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