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2021-12-29 Should You Resolve To Go Green?

Should your New Year’s resolution be to go green? You don’t need to subscribe to read this New Scientist article, just make a resolution to do one thing: for just one day a week, eat no meat. Simple, and easy to do. See the link at the bottom for why this is so important. If

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2021-05-06 Tax To Reduce Meat Consumption This Guardian article talks about reducing meat consumption and brings up the subject of taxing meat to reduce consumption. The article says that: << Ministers have shied away from calls for a “carbon tax” on red meat for not entirely illegitimate reasons; taxing food is toughest on low-income households, because they spend proportionately more

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2021-01-245 TED: Eat Meat Less

Some good tips to transition to a low or no meat diet. The Earth needs you to help it feed more people and stop climate change. I also recommend Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book Eat To Live Or he also has some more recent books, also cookbooks. He explains how you can reduce high blood pressure,

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