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2021-08-31 US Electric Generation Sources

Electric generation in the US, 2020. This chart doesn’t tell the whole story.

2021-08-31 Cobalt Free Battery Pack Unveiled

<< Cobalt-free batteries come at a welcomed time as the Earth’s stash is limited and is expected to be in short supply by 2026. Other battery manufacturers like Tesla and Panasonic have put their own R&D into cobalt-free battery packs as well and have shared similar progress. >>

2021-08-30 ICEV Sales Peaked In 2016

Comment I made Lee Davies I’m not sure what you mean by the real exponentials. In the US, Tesla’s market share has to pretty much come from eating into sales of new ICEVs because most people old enough to drive already have a car. If Tesla opens Giga Berlin and can sell really cheap cars

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2021-08-29 JHAT – Climate Change

JHAT 2021 AUG 29 The most urgent question now — at least for any rational person — is not whether climate change is a real phenomenon; that debate is long since settled, except in the minds of a delusional minority. “It’s easy to assume that reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be prohibitively expensive; it’s an

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2021-08-28 1 MW Solar Array

This 5+ min. mostly drone aerial video is on YouTube. This is in Greece. There are 54 panels per group. There are 56 groups, for 3024 panels total. The power is 330 watts per panel, for 17.82 kW per group.

2021-08-27 Mayor ++ Gets Court To Stop Texas Anti-mask Mandate

The mayor of San Antonio and others have taken Gov. Abbot to court and received a decision that blocks the governor’s anti-mask mandate order. After the mandate went into effect some school districts went ahead and made masks mandatory and the governor threatened to take them to court. That goes against common sense – masks

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2021-08-27 Photonic Computer Beats Moore’s Law

Interview with Lightmatter CEO. Light guides inside of the chips replace ‘wire’ conductors. Mostly for replacing GPUs in Neural Networks for AI.

2021-08-26 3.6 Mln Lbs Nuclear Waste Buried On California Beach

“A combination of failures” This is about SONGS – San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station which has been shut down for years and is being decommissioned. But all the high level nuclear waste is being stored on site. For how long? Thousands of years? Or will sea level rise force them to move the waste up

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2021-08-26 Europe’s $250+ Billion Nuclear Waste Bill

This article is from 2016. It says almost half of Europe’s NPPs are set to close “in the next decade” which would be by 2026, so essentially 5 years. The bill for nuclear waste disposal is more than half of the cost. Yet the article says the NPPs may be replaced. Today, now that

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2021-08-25 LED Streetlights Are Killing Moths In England

LED streetlights are decimating moths in England. The LEDs have blue light which insects use to see. The moths are pollinators like bees plus they’re food for many animals. There are a number of solutions for mitigating the problem. The blue light can be filtered out, among other things. My thinking is that the streetlights

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